Henry Community Health delivers personalized patient experience with HealtheCRM

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We will continue to embrace advanced technologies, systems, and processes like HealtheCRM in order to better serve our population and improve the healthcare experience for our patients.

Mike SpencerChief Information Officer at Henry Community Health

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In the fight against cancer, preventative care is critical for early detection and increasing survival. Without scheduling vital prescreening appointments, the National Cancer Institute projects there will be an excess of 10,000 deaths from breast and colorectal cancers.

Located in the rolling hills of east central Indiana lies Henry Community Health, a 75-bed CommunityWorks hospital with 13 ambulatory offices across 9 different specialties, all working together to address patient engagement by empowering patients to take a proactive role in their health.

As part of the organization’s initiative to better support patients in their healthcare journey, Henry Community Health implemented HealtheCRM, a clinically informed customer relationship management (CRM) solution that combines the Cerner data and insight platform, HealtheIntent, with leading Salesforce CRM technologies. This integrated solution provided an automated and scalable approach to patient engagement and recommended care based on clinical status.

Over 214,000 patient records[1] were organized through HealtheCRM, creating a comprehensive, clinically informed profile for each patient. This allowed leaders at Henry Community Health to easily identify its most crucial gaps in care priorities.

Leadership also partnered with Cerner Engagement Services, a team of solution and marketing experts, to create and activate a patient engagement strategy using clinical insights to help drive personalized care with data-driven recommendations.

Two patient outreach campaigns were deployed, including targeted email and SMS communications based on contextual awareness of an individual’s health profile. Through consistent monitoring and proactive outreach, Henry Community Health was able to close gaps in care for preventative cancer screenings.

“We partnered with Cerner Engagement Services to help us with campaign strategy, content creation, campaign testing, activation, and reporting. Our implementation moved rather quickly. After eight weeks, we had outlined our campaigns, finalized data decisions, and our data was flowing into HealtheCRM,” says Sherry Willis, director of information systems.

Henry Community Health’s objective with these campaigns was to prompt patients overdue for their breast and colon cancer preventative screenings to schedule an appointment. Through data-driven outreach, Henry Community Health was able to reach the right patients at the right time.

Between September 2021 and August 2022, a total of 328 patients completed necessary mammograms after receiving electronic outreach.[2]

Additionally, for colorectal cancer screenings, 321 patient exams were completed.3 Generating an average conversion rate of 15.7%4 in screening completions, this outreach strategy empowered patients to prioritize their health by taking steps toward stopping the progression of chronic disease.

Positive outcomes were also seen in the areas of operational efficiency. Willis attributes this success to improved, automated outreach and continuous identification of target patients.

“Before HealtheCRM, our outreach to our patients consisted of sending letters, as well as using a third party to call patients and give them the option to transfer to our office triage group to schedule appointments or services,” says Willis. “Not only does HealtheCRM allow us to send automated, personalized emails and texts to patients, but it’s integrated with HealtheIntent, so it’s constantly running and looking for new patients who fall into that gap in care.”

By establishing patient proactivity and encouraging wellness, technology like HealtheCRM can help patients receive a timelier exam and reduce the likelihood of a terminal diagnosis. With breast and colorectal cancers accounting for two of the highest national out-of-pocket medical costs, these preventative screenings can also reduce the economic burden on cancer patients.

As Henry Community Health looks to the future, the organization remains committed and passionate about delivering exceptional patient experiences and getting individuals the care they need, when it matters most.

“We will continue to embrace advanced technologies, systems, and processes like HealtheCRM in order to better serve our population and improve the healthcare experience for our patients,” says Mike Spencer, chief information officer.


1 From December 28, 2020, to September 19, 2022, using information from Salesforce Health Cloud.

2 Out of 1749 patients who received the reminder, 328 met the Breast Cancer Screening Measure in HealtheRegistries (from September 22, 2021, to August 31, 2022), leading to an 18% conversion rate.

3 Out of 2381 patients who received the reminder, 321 met the Colorectal Cancer Screening Measure in HealtheRegistries (from August 30, 2021, to August 31, 2022), leading to a 13% conversion rate.

4 Comparing the 649 patients who met the breast or colorectal cancer screening measure in HealtheRegistries to the 4,130 patients targeted by the two campaigns.

Published:November 1, 2022

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