Clinical suite of solutions

Help improve the quality of care and the patient experience while enhancing clinical and operational efficiency with Oracle Health’s clinical suite of solutions. Our solutions help care teams across the continuum document and access critical patient data, refine workflows, and support patient safety initiatives.

Clinical solutions

Deliver enhanced usability with a simplified, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) that helps improve caregiver efficiency and decrease burnout.

Electronic health record

Navigate the complexity of healthcare

Leverage our enterprisewide view of clinical information to coordinate patient care and document the point at which it was delivered in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings. Our solutions help your clinicians access the right information at the right time and within clinical workflows so they can make the best possible decisions. Our powerful decision support uses predictive algorithms to trigger rules and alerts that inform physicians about patient safety.

Oracle Health EHR helps you deliver impactful outcomes by

  • Automating clinical and financial workflows
  • Improving health system business operations
  • Empowering care delivery networks
  • Enabling and accelerating real-world evidence

Device connectivity

Transform the data captured by millions of connected medical devices into actionable insights.

Automate the collection of medical data

Oracle Health offers a portfolio of integrated device connectivity solutions designed to capture data from connected devices at scale and stream that information into a context-rich format that can be used by clinicians to inform clinical decision-making.

  • Acquires vitals information directly from medical devices, helping reduce clinician documentation time. Patient data is then sent directly to the EHR from associated devices, helping reduce transcription errors.
  • Improves clinician efficiency with a barcode-driven workflow—associating devices with the patient’s record.
  • Provides near real-time context for diagnosis and treatment that can be used by clinicians to help improve overall outcomes.
  • Transforms near real-time data into sophisticated alerts that help quickly detect, surface, and address key indicators that can impact outcomes.
  • Normalizes medical device data, with the ability to send data to multiple destinations, including EHRs and enterprise data warehouses for research.

Communications and coordination

Enable real-time clinical communication and collaboration with tools that help clinicians quickly identify shared patients and care team members and easily collaborate and coordinate care on the go to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.

Streamline patient and clinician communications

A connected care team starts with an integrated communication strategy. Oracle Health EHR Nursing Mobility is a healthcare communication tool that uses intuitive technology to help associate the right care team members with the right patients. It also provides a way for care teams to effectively communicate and collaborate while on the go through a smart, mobile device. Integration with Oracle Health EHR enables care teams to streamline bedside workflows, including medication administration, device association, and specimen collection.

Key benefits our integrated care team communication solutions

  • Critical alert notifications
  • Identify care team members
  • Secure messaging
  • Image capture
  • Clinical and chart integration
  • Mobile clinical workflows

Public health reporting

Oracle Health provides systems and expertise to deliver, aggregate, and analyze public health data for syndromic surveillance, research, and response at a local and national level.

Serving healthcare’s public health reporting and submission requirements

Oracle Health uses a hub model to automate the delivery of reportable public health data to public health jurisdictions across the United States. Our technology connects all jurisdictions and providers at the frequency and format required to expedite the analysis and response of public health experts.

We have developed solutions for

  • Electronic case reporting
  • Electronic lab reporting
  • Immunization reporting
  • Surveillance aggregation and analytics
  • Syndromic surveillance

Healthcare referral management

Managing referrals is critical to helping prevent referral leakage out of your network and providing cost-effective care, regardless of the EHR.

Better navigate your referral network

Help provider organizations expand relationships and retain patients across any EHR and payer. Our product helps guide patients to the most appropriate in-network providers through a configurable patient-provider matching algorithm that considers factors such as specialty, insurance network, proximity to the patient, and network affiliation. It also offers analytics and referral coordination capabilities aimed at helping provide transparency across employed and affiliated provider networks.

Our referrals solution enables you to

  • Identify and analyze top sources of referral leakage.
  • Build and maintain a provider directory that spans employed and affiliated providers.
  • Match patients to providers based on factors such as provider availability, patient proximity, network affiliation, and insurance.
  • Support complex multi-EHR and clinically integrated networks with configurable workflows.
  • Deliver workflow insights that can impact referral patterns at the point of care.

Virtual care and observation

Place the patient at the center of their care with a set of tools that empower clinicians to engage patients and deliver care outside of in-person visits.

Redefining the patient and clinician experience

Virtual care empowers individuals to manage their health and care in new ways. Oracle Health provides virtual technology and workflows that can help your organization deliver a variety of health and care services. Our virtual care capabilities empower your organization to increase access to care for your patients while lowering the cost of delivering healthcare services across the continuum of care. Using our ecosystem of virtual and remote services and technology, your organization can provide care at a distance, enabling the delivery of quality and cost-effective care anywhere.

Virtual care and observation solutions enable you to

  • Enable patients to engage in their health
  • Increase flexibility and access to care
  • Transmit patient data directly to the care provider with technology

Enterprise document management

Efficiently capture, store, and retrieve documents in a patient’s record at the point of care and across the organization.

Help simplify document-intensive processes in healthcare

Healthcare teams, and ultimately patients, benefit when information is captured, processed, and viewed efficiently within the EHR. Building automation and intelligence into daily workflows helps ensure that paper and electronic documents are incorporated in the chart quickly and accurately. When we improve access to the information required for informed clinical and operational decision-making, we help create a more efficient and patient-centric EHR.

Our document management solutions enable you to

  • Transform the way you capture documents with intelligent automation.
  • Provide patients, caregivers, and staff with an efficient, user-friendly way to capture consent.
  • Reduce the burden of manually reviewing and filing external documents with automated EHR routing.
  • Simplify access to signed forms and documents stored directly inside the patient’s records in the EHR.
  • Proactively allocate resources by using dashboards that display the time and money spent on completing document capture tasks.

Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant

Free up physicians’ time and empower them to focus on what matters most—their patients—through a holistic, multimodal, AI-powered solution that’s integrated with the Oracle Health EHR.

A comprehensive mobile solution

Drive efficiencies with the combined power of clinical intelligence, voice assistance, simplified workflows, and built-in EHR data.

Clinical assistance

Ask questions in natural language to access patient details and perform frequent clinical workflows.

Conversation assistance

Automatically generate structured clinical notes based on patient data and patient-physician conversations.

Dictation assistance

Use voice commands to create and append patient notes and edit pre-drafted notes generated from patient encounters.

Action assistance

Automatically generate proposed actions based on patient conversations, and use voice commands to add additional details to the patient’s chart.

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