Device connectivity

Access to patient clinical data is central to timely care coordination. Positively impact the clinician experience by using automation to streamline device input—eliminating the need for multiple data sources and ensuring accurate documentation.

Clinical device connectivity solutions

Connect people to devices

Oracle Health Bedside Medical Device Integration (BMDI) solution reduces the manual process of updating patient records by connecting an associated monitoring device and a patient through barcode-scanning technology. The acquired data then flows directly into the associated patient’s record, creating a seamless process for the clinician.

BMDI benefits

  • Streams information in near real time from associated devices
  • Designed to reduce clinician documentation through automation
  • Enhances workflow efficiency with a barcode-driven mechanism

Devices to workflows

Our laboratory information system (LIS) is designed to remove the need for additional bolt-on devices to connect multiple instruments. As one of the few truly vendor-agnostic device connectivity solutions, it makes it easy to connect a wide spectrum of devices to any database.

Device integration features

  • Monitors results in near real time
  • Applies device updates to specific devices or facilities

Workflows to outcomes

Oracle Health Mobile Vitals Collection

Designed to reduce the risk of errors associated with vital signs documentation by integrating devices and charting directly into the electronic health record (EHR) at the point of care. Simplify and enhance the clinical workflow with a streamlined, barcode-driven process.

Oracle Health Infusion Suite

Simplify infusion suite processes, support patient safety, and enhance care team efficiency. Smart pump programming connects infusion pumps to the EHR, closing the loop for the medication process at the point of care.

Key benefits of device connectivity

Device connectivity is central to receiving and transmitting data between medical devices across the entire health system.

  • Integration

    Stream information into a context-rich format that informs clinical decision making, and connect multiple devices across the network regardless of the EHR vendor.

  • Information

    Generate valuable insights used for clinical decision-making based on current data.

  • Transformation

    Designed to reduce many manual documentation errors and enhance workflow efficiency by sending data directly to the EHR.

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