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Transform your electronic health record (EHR) from a source of documentation to a single complete source of patient information. Through technology and cloud enablement, we’re equipped to advance the EHR like never before. With extensive expertise and a deep understanding of healthcare, we’re driving efforts to surface better information within the patient record to help clinicians make informed care decisions.

Use technology as an accelerator to improve healthcare.

The future of healthcare begins with the EHR

A comprehensive, clinician-focused healthcare technology solution

Clinicians want to spend more time focusing on their patients, not their computer. Oracle Health EHR provides the mobility every clinician needs for their clinical EHR functions . With an open, connected system that addresses healthcare trends, our technology can help clinicians improve efficiency and care quality.

Data sources connected via interoperability

  • Any system or venue of care, regardless of the EHR
  • CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality
  • Health information exchanges
  • Immunization and prescription drug monitoring programs
  • Care provider and consumer health apps

Tools to effectively manage populations

  • Analytics
  • Condition management
  • Real-world data
  • Referral management
  • Social determinants of health
  • Value-based care

Improve workflows that impact patients

Oracle Health can help you improve your operations and bottom line so you can focus on your consumer initiatives. Artificial intelligence and the tight connection between administrative and clinical workflows are the key pillars of our solutions.

Clinically driven revenue cycle

  • Focus on the most important tasks by automating workflows with automation tools and third-party intelligence.
  • Leverage information captured by clinicians during care delivery to drive accurate financial outcomes.
  • Predict financial obligations.
  • Prevent redundant data entry.

Health system operations

  • Deliver a unified experience for clinicians and patients through virtual workflows.
  • Use data to identify ways to improve capacity and patient throughput.
  • Manage resources and control costs at the health system level.
  • Optimize care coordination and enhance care quality.

Confidently use the right information at the right time

In a busy healthcare setting, data is only as good as it is usable. That’s why our solutions aggregate and display data in a meaningful and actionable format that helps your clinicians and other healthcare staff use data quickly and confidently.

Comprehensive, digestible data

  • Surface relevant analytic insights through advanced visualization tools.
  • Manage clinical, financial, and operational decision-making processes with a single analytics and reporting solution.
  • Monitor your EHR system performance, configuration, product usage, and clinician workflow efficiency.

Visibility across venues and departments

  • Connect acute and ambulatory facilities, as well as reference labs.
  • Share information across departments, including cardiology, critical care, imaging and radiology, emergency medicine, infection control, labs, oncology, perioperative, pharmacy, and women’s health.
  • Understand recent patient visits by viewing records from venues nationwide.

Informed medication clinical decision support

The Multum drug, herbal, and nutraceutical database is a leading industry resource designed to assist you in your safe medication use efforts and prevention of adverse drug events.

Support safe medication use

The software solutions and databases created by Multum provide pertinent drug information and are designed to help your clinicians safely recommend medications with the accurate dosage while addressing drug interaction concerns.

Oracle Health Multum Drug Database offerings

  • Lexicon Plus provides a foundational database with comprehensive drug product and disease nomenclature information to link with our clinical information systems and other outside systems.
  • VantageRx Database contains drug knowledge in a Microsoft Access format that embeds into your own application and delivers essential clinical content through a series of database tables.
  • addVantageRx SDK includes all the database tables in the VantageRx Database, delivered as a software development kit (SDK) containing easily implemented components. Organizations receive development interfaces.
  • SubscribeRx is a hosted solution for clients who want to use the software development kit but don’t want to host the SDK software server components and the clinical databases in their own environments.


Vail Health engages Oracle Health for enhanced EHR functionality that provides clinical decision support

Together, we can create a better healthcare experience

  • An intuitive system and workflows

    At Oracle Health, our trusted clinicians have designed our tools to help clinicians everywhere focus on what matters most—patient care.

  • An open and connected platform

    We help ensure your needs are met by enabling third-party applications to integrate specialized features into our software through an open and secure platform.

  • Accessible information for clinicians and patients

    We empower your clinicians and patients with accessibility—a core benefit of Oracle Health EHR—and actionable data to make informed decisions.

  • A forward-looking vision

    Our vision is to create a healthcare experience that’s not fractured and siloed but unified, accessible, and people-centric.

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