Open systems interoperability

Oracle Health can help your organization securely exchange and access information across the healthcare ecosystem to provide positive patient experiences and support clinical workflows. Benefit from our open business approach and interoperable technologies that help strengthen care delivery services across the continuum.

Sharing data to deliver patient-centric care

Interoperable solutions Enable the free flow of data

Give your clinicians access to relevant information—regardless of the source—using standards, network connections, and nationwide exchanges. Help your clinicians get a more complete picture of each patient to make informed care decisions.

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Oracle Health Seamless Exchange Get a cleansed, holistic view of a patient’s medical history

Help caregivers focus on the patient during visits, rather than spending their time gathering health data. Seamless Exchange helps caregivers retrieve and aggregate outside data from multiple sources. The solution also removes redundant information and presents cleansed data within the workflow.

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Open systems Extend your organization’s capabilities with open innovation

Fulfill your organization’s edge needs by using our open APIs to integrate apps directly into your workflows. Get started by accessing the tools and training available in the Oracle Health Developer Program to help you connect apps and devices to Oracle Health Millennium Platform.

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