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A complete and open, interoperable platform for health and life sciences innovation. Discover solutions designed to unify data from clinical trials, streamline and automate safety case management, generate real-world evidence from unique data sets, and guide brand strategy with commercial insights.

Life Sciences sector incubates its next growth phase

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  • Clinical Trials

    Comprehensive clinical trials and research capabilities powered by enhanced real-world data, AI-driven automation, and ML functionality.

  • Safety Solutions

    Safety and pharmacovigilance capabilities across the product lifecycle to help create faster and safer patient-centric solutions.

  • Evidence and Insights

    Wraparound services to help fuel faster decision-making and optimize commercial potential.

Life Sciences solutions

Discover solutions designed to help life sciences organizations unify data from preclinical planning, clinical trial conduct, streamlined and automated safety management, and market access and brand strategy through to post-launch performance activities—while strengthening business operations.

Clinical trial solutions

Optimize your clinical trials with our comprehensive suite of services, including randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for complex study designs, streamlined solutions for study startup, and EHR data-driven patient recruitment. Enhance portfolio planning with tailored financial planning and leverage wraparound research services for early commercial assessment. Manage data collection with next-generation electronic data capture and oversee your trials effectively with our industry-leading clinical trial management system (CTMS).

Clinical Trial Products

Safety Solutions

End-to-end pharmacovigilance, case processing, and signal detection

Safety case management

Industry-known solution for adverse event case management and regulatory reporting

Safety signal management

Industry-known solution for comprehensive signal detection and signal management

Safety case intake

Streamlined collection and processing of adverse event data for pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance for healthcare

A new subscription-based product for drug launches to detect and evaluate safety issues

Research services

Wraparound research services including non-interventional/safety surveillance, real-world drug outcomes, and comparative effectiveness studies

Oracle Learning Health Network (LHN)

RWD insights to support drug safety monitoring and evaluation

Evidence and Insights

Fueling faster decision-making and optimizing commercial potential

Portfolio planning and trial design

Providing literature reviews, feasibility and optimization, epidemiology, natural history registries, synthetic control arms, and patient reported outcomes (PRO)

Market access and health economics and outcomes reach (HEOR)

Secondary and primary real-world data (RWD) coupled with medical and scientific expertise; real-world evidence (RWE) generation and implementation, and scientific publications

Syndicated solutions

Readily available research and data to support market analysis and commercial decision-making

Regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance

Multi-method, non-interventional safety surveillance; harm reduction, registries, late phase research, and risk-benefit analysis

Patient-focused drug development and real-world outcomes

Trial optimization, burden of disease, and comparative studies; PRO-syndicated data set via the Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS)

Commercial planning

Opportunity evaluation, demand assessment, market sizing/epidemiology, and forecasting

Brand strategy

Launch tracking and optimization, stakeholder and reputation management, lifecycle management, and brand strategy and communications

Pipeline and market understanding

Landscape assessment, patient journey, pipeline prioritization, indication prioritization, and due diligence


Oracle Cloud for Life Sciences

Aggregate data from various data sources and provide superior insights to support your life sciences business.


Oracle Analytics Cloud enables you to optimize and aggregate clinical data from various sources and get real-time clinical insights.

  • Identify trends in patient data to personalize treatment and care
  • Optimize drug discovery and development


OCI AI Services and Oracle Machine Learning can help you analyze, predict, and theorize on vast quantities of historical and real-time data.

  • Proactively predict drug efficacy and safety
  • Improve identification of potential clinical trial participants


Accelerate innovation via prebuilt connectivity, streamline your workflows, and use multicloud integration for a unified view of your data.

  • Track clinical operations and manage documentation
  • Communicate in real time with researchers

Low-code app development

Easily extend and support Oracle Life Science solutions using OCI’s highly secure APEX low-code development framework. Build, integrate, and innovate more with far less coding.

  • Solve complex clinical and scientific data visualization challenges
  • Enhance and enrich clinical trial management

Utilizing artificial intelligence for Life Sciences

Leverage comprehensive AI services and state-of-the-art generative AI innovations.

AI for clinical trial operations

  • Patient recruitment and retention
  • Real-time trial monitoring
  • Study design optimization

Clinical safety features

  • Summarization
  • Semantic similarity/coding
  • Adverse event entity extraction

AI genomics

  • Sequencing analysis
  • Uncovering genetic variants
  • Advancing disease understanding and management

Oracle Digital Assistant

User assistance via natural language conversations

Anomaly Detection

Real-time undesirable event identification and observations from business data

Vision, speech, and language

  • Voice transcription, subtitle creation, and metadata generation
  • Object detection and classification in images
  • Sophisticated text analysis including sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction

Faster AI and high performance compute

Highest performance, lowest cost GPU cluster technology with the largest cache for checkpointing

  • RDMA cluster networking
  • Nonblocking networks
  • More local NVMe storage

Industry-Proven Solutions

Trusted, secure, and easy-to-use solutions bridge the gap between clinical research and clinical care.

Supporting more than 250Kclinical trials to date

Powering clinical research for 93%of top pharma companies

Real-world data set with more than 108Mpatients

Processing more than 10Msafety cases annually

Industry recognition via 1.5K+scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and congresses

Customers, partners, and collaborations

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See how pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations partner with Oracle Life Sciences solutions

Oracle collaborates with 400+ life sciences organizations, regulatory bodies, academic institutions, and Oracle partners via the Oracle Partner Network ecosystem.

New Product and Solution Innovations

  • Advanced RTSM

    A modernized, enterprise-ready RTSM that simplifies clinical trial execution.

    See the latest updates to RTSM

  • AI-powered safety solutions

    AI and automation implemented across our unified pharmacovigilance portfolio

    Read about our new safety capabilities

  • Empowering Sponsors and CROs

    Automate randomization lists, modify distribution settings, design custom reconciliation forms, quickly define date fields, and create rules with operational data to improve trial efficiency and compliance.

    Read more

  • Globalization of digital trials

    Our collaboration with ObvioHealth allows rapid collection, integration and analysis of multi-source data collected from sites, patients, devices and labs.

    Read more

  • New RWD/RWE capabilities

    Advanced RWD/RWE capabilities with Oracle Learning Health Network (LHN) and AI for enhanced patient diversity, recruitment, and retention

    Boost patient recruitment with RWD

  • A continuously learning healthcare ecosystem on OCI

    Support your entire clinical development lifecycle on a single cloud platform with high performance computing, data science tooling, and built-in security features.

    Explore Life Sciences Cloud Infrastructure

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