Healthcare service lines and departments

Organize care delivery around your service lines to drive revenue, improve quality, and reduce costs. Our service lines and departments portfolio of clinical solutions can help you provide knowledge-driven care—informed by electronic patient health records and unique workflows that support service lines and departments throughout the care continuum.

A tailored approach to enhance the clinical experience

Cardiovascular solutions

Unify diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions, and follow-up regimens—all within the EHR.

Improve cardiovascular care

Help improve the health of your community by unifying diagnostic and procedural cardiac imaging systems within your EHR to support informed care and streamline processes.

  • Provide personalized cardiac care by using a cohesive electronic patient health record that combines information about diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions, and follow-up regimens within the EHR to support informed decision-making.
  • Give your team more time to dedicate to patient care by using cardiovascular systems that offer a single login, closed-loop workflows, documentation shortcuts, and automated processes.
  • Realize the value of your cardiology staff's time with orders-based workflows, automated charge capture, and smooth reconciliation processes.
  • Help improve cardiovascular care for your patients and identify opportunities to ease the burden on staff by using advanced analytics dashboards to discover actionable insights.

Critical care solutions

Give your clinicians a near real-time, contextual view of a patient’s status and health information, including vitals, laboratory, and infusions. Oracle Health offers an enhanced patient summary to provide clinicians with a complete picture of each patient.

Support critical care workflows

Oracle Health Critical Care provides a complete workflow and documentation solution for the entire multidisciplinary critical care team. From the ICU and NICU/PICU to specialty venues, we support clinical workflows that can help improve patient outcomes.

  • Improve patient outcomes: Our clinical solutions for critical care allow you to objectively evaluate the quality of care delivery in an ICU setting with benchmarking capabilities to help you measure and improve patient outcomes.
  • Support critical care workflows: Oracle Health Critical Care solutions provide a central location in the patient’s chart for you to access activities, view patient data, document findings, update orders, and receive important notifications, such as new orders and results.
  • Increase patient safety: With our clinical solutions for critical care, we support clinical decision-making by providing you with the information you need to understand the context of the patient’s condition with near real-time trends.

Emergency medicine solutions

From door to discharge, Oracle Health empowers emergency medicine providers and clinicians with a comprehensive patient record across the continuum of care.

Deliver efficient, patient-centric emergency care

Oracle Health Emergency Medicine solutions support emergency department (ED) clinicians and ancillary staff in documenting patient care, streamlining patient and departmental throughput, and accurately capturing facility, injection, and infusion charges.

  • From the point the patient presents for care to their transfer or discharge, review all the events related to care delivery in the ED with a user-friendly tracking board.
  • Promote patient-centric care by identifying workflow delays using a near real-time view of your ED act and workflow-driven structured documentation.
  • Recognize maximum revenue by capturing all facility, professional, and infusion service charges during a patient’s visit.

Imaging and radiology solutions

Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of your imaging and radiology workflows to create clinical and operational excellence within your organization.

Access a holistic view of each patient

Oracle Health’s imaging and radiology solutions bring together image-enabled workflows and near real-time data to provide clinicians with a holistic view of each patient directly within the EHR for cardiovascular, radiology, clinical, and enterprise imaging. This single source of truth provides clinicians with advanced capabilities—such as decision support within daily imaging workflows—while helping to meet current and future regulatory requirements.

  • Leverage a holistic patient record in the EHR and drive efficiency by allowing diagnostic images to be captured and interpreted in the context of the EHR—which helps reduce chart review time, eliminate data silos, and streamline departmental operations.
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing the time required to capture, store, access, and share clinical media.
  • Improve patient care by giving clinicians access to comprehensive, contextually relevant information in a timely manner.
  • Reduce ED visit duration for cases that require consults with dermatology, wound care, or plastic surgery.

Infection control solutions

Oversee, assess, and manage infections using our technology to streamline infection control workflows.

Empower clinicians to effectively manage infections

Our Oracle Health Infection Control solutions leverage the wealth of information in our EHR, including nurse and physician charting, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and surgical data. Our solutions include analysis, regulatory reporting, and surveillance capabilities to identify patients at risk.

  • Provide infection preventionists with analytical information to help them oversee, assess, and manage patients with healthcare-associated and drug-resistant infections.
  • Streamline the surveillance process using patient risk stratification with near real-time surveillance capabilities that feature an interactive worklist for at-risk patients.
  • Improve efficiency and decision-making with detailed clinical patient summaries that are tailored to individual infection preventionists, allowing them to quickly assess essential facts.
  • Get reports that meet your particular needs with flexible reporting capabilities that offer both standard and custom reports.
  • Reduce the need for multiple interfaces by directly accessing our unified EHR architecture to extract data from the EHR as a by-product of the care delivery process.

Laboratory solutions

Our full suite of laboratory solutions are designed to meet the needs of the four key segments of a complex laboratory—anatomic pathology, clinical, molecular diagnostics, and laboratory outreach.

Enable efficient and accurate lab workflows

Our laboratory solutions are used worldwide by labs of all sizes—from single-site limited-discipline labs to multisite full-service labs. Our solutions can help reduce the manual steps in the lab workflow, making information easier to share across the care team.

  • Support efficiency and the accuracy of results through automated workflows.
  • Customize reference ranges for the validation of clinical results using the ranges that are most appropriate for the patient population.
  • Capture procedure changes and charging events to help support revenue opportunities.
  • Leverage device integration by offering a comprehensive inventory of instrument interfaces, including at the point of care.
  • Decrease turnaround time by proactively monitoring pending tests using the turnaround time monitor.

Oncology solutions

Oncology solutions provide workflows and capabilities to support medical oncology care directly within our EHR, including cancer care documentation, staging, treatment plans, and chemotherapy orders capabilities.

Facilitate informed decision-making in cancer care

We understand that cancer care is unique and complex. Support your patients in their fight against cancer with an integrated oncology EHR that strengthens collaboration and empowers clinicians to make informed decisions. Oncology solutions are specifically designed to address the complexities of cancer care by supporting the oncology team’s workflow.

  • Inspire patient confidence in their care with an EHR that connects ambulatory, infusion center, pharmacy, and acute workflows and simplifies coordination between care teams and patients.
  • Drive clinical and operational efficiency by easing care team communication, optimizing patient throughput, and streamlining the ordering process.
  • Put patients at the center of care with evidence-based content, navigator workflows, and clinical decision support.
  • Turn insights into action with analytics and reporting dashboards for oncology operations that enable analysts to make impactful discoveries about performance and areas of opportunity.

Perioperative solutions

Oracle Health Perioperative solutions provide a seamless flow of information across the perioperative continuum of care.

Reduce risk and inefficiency

Delivering Oracle Health Perioperative care requires the coordination of complex processes involving the entire care team, the patient, and their family. Oracle Health gives you access to critical clinical information with a fully integrated perioperative solution that helps clinicians make informed decisions. Our near real-time Oracle Health Perioperative solutions help reduce risk and inefficiency to help your organization achieve both clinical and operational success.

  • Enable information sharing across the continuum of care with a comprehensive EHR.
  • Improve efficiency with scheduling, perioperative tracking, integration with endoscopes and cameras, and supply chain management.
  • Improve capabilities with integrated AORN Syntegrity content and tissue and implant management.

Pharmacy solutions

Oracle Health’s pharmacy software solutions are designed to help your pharmacy clinicians facilitate accurate, beneficial medication therapy decisions, outpatient drug utilization, and adherence management.

Facilitate efficient, safe medication management

Oracle Health’s approach to medication dispensing and management is focused on improving patient care and outcomes by connecting the patient to safe medication therapy, even after discharge. Our pharmacy solutions are designed to capitalize on pharmacists’ clinical capabilities and to fully realize their role within both the medication process and patient care continuum.

  • Oracle Health Inpatient Pharmacy: Operate safe, closed-loop medication processes within acute care with the help of clinical decision support, integrated data flow across processes and technology, and integration with automated dispensing cabinets—all within a unified, seamlessly integrated medication system.
  • Clinical supply chain: Efficiently manage supply chain functions—for example, capture supply usage at the point of care by linking inventory management to a clinical function, eliminating the redundant manual processes involved in inventory management.
  • Oracle Health Outpatient Pharmacy: Automate the prescription order management process in the outpatient pharmacy setting using a seamlessly integrated process from prescription to dispensing.

Enhance your transplant workflow

Cellular transplant

Clinicians need connected transplant management tools to support their patients in the fight against cancer. Enhance the quality of your cellular therapy care with a product designed to simplify your day-to-day operations and regulatory compliance obligations.

Cellular transplant functionality is designed to

  • Simplify communication with key team members.
  • Keep donor and recipient info in one place for a more holistic picture.
  • Enhance recipient and donor scheduling and management.
  • Consolidate patient records to reduce maintenance and regulatory submission time.
  • Monitor and archive patient outcomes for clinical research and quality reporting.
Organ transplant

Create a solid foundation for your transplant program with a workflow solution designed to be comprehensive and compliant for kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, intestine, and islet cells

Organ transplant functionality is designed to

  • Help support data accuracy with consolidated patient records which can increase data entry, cleanup, and verification speeds.
  • Automate and help simplify workflow, including patient phase management, scheduling, follow-up events, and submission of patient data for UNOS forms.
  • Enhance research, reporting, and display speeds.
  • Integrate across various electronic health records.

Women’s health solutions

Help clinicians care for women’s health needs through every stage of life. Give your clinicians a single source of truth for the whole care continuum—not just the maternity episode—providing the context they need to make enhanced diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Deliver holistic care for women

We provide women’s health solutions that span a lifetime and create a consolidated record to offer consistent, up-to-date information at the point of care. Having one consistent record allows your care teams and clinicians to focus on what matters most—their patients.

  • Improve patient safety using a blood loss calculator, maternal early warning criteria, PPH risk assessment, and the HELLP rule.
  • Improve workflow efficiency with an integrated record, documentation tools, and specialized worklists.
  • Access advanced clinical decision support via care pathways, rules, and alerts.

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