Culture and inclusion—be yourself here

Our culture of inclusion inspires ideas and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. Diverse perspectives make our teams stronger and empower collaboration. This makes Oracle a place where everyone can do their best work without barriers. Because when everyone is included, we open the way to acceptance, belonging, and opportunities for all.

Investing in our employee communities

Belonging at Oracle

Be part of something bigger and help everyone feel like they belong. Our employee resource groups (ERGs) represent some of the diverse communities that make up who we are as a company. They connect us, empower us, and help us enact change.

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Ethnic and Racial Diversity

We take action to hire, support, and advance people from underrepresented communities. Our employee resource groups provide mentorship, facilitate networking, and promote cultural awareness. Learn how the Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence, Indigenous Oracle Network, Oracle Latinos Alliance, and Oracle Professional Asian Leadership are empowering diverse employees.

Diverse Abilities

We’re committed to helping all our employees succeed without barriers. We focus on disability inclusion, accessibility, neurodiversity awareness, and support for caregivers at work. Learn how we support people with disabilities, and meet members of our Oracle Diverse Abilities Network community.

Generations of Leaders

We encourage collaboration, inclusivity, and learning in a thoughtful way that benefits all ages. Hiring programs like the Oracle Career Relaunch Program and Generation Oracle help people across generations join our team, while the Generations of Leaders Organization promotes multigenerational leadership.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

We promote awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, provide a strong support network, and champion equality at work and beyond. Learn how the Oracle Pride Employee Network connects our LGBTQ+ community and allies.

Military Community

We value the unique talent and experience of our military community and work together to advance veteran careers in meaningful ways. Learn about our veteran and military spouse hiring programs, and discover how our Military Affiliated Veteran Employee Network will support your career.

Women at Oracle

We invest in women leaders through training, leadership opportunities, and a strong support network. Learn how our Oracle Women’s Leadership program is empowering women’s careers and paying it forward.

Nurturing inclusive leadership

Unlocking endless possibilities for all takes a commitment to inclusive leadership. We build inclusion into our talent development practices, invest in underrepresented talent, and partner with leading organizations to attract and empower diverse perspectives.

Powering progress with inclusion

Breaking barriers to career autonomy

Our commitment to inclusive hiring

We believe in treating each employee and applicant for employment fairly and with dignity. We base our employment decisions on merit, experience, and potential, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

    Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy is founded on the philosophy that our employees and applicants for employment must be treated equitably. We do not discriminate based on personal preference or physical characteristics, and our experience confirms that supporting policies and practices with a strong commitment to equal employment opportunity is a good business practice. Our commitment to this policy applies to every phase of the employment relationship, and we make every effort to comply with this policy.

    If you feel you have not been treated fairly in some way, we encourage you to contact Oracle Human Resources or to call Oracle's Integrity Helpline (800-679-7417) for assistance. The company takes such matters very seriously and reporting your claims internally allows us to work with you to investigate and try to resolve your issues.

    We seek to build an inclusive workforce and work environment. We make every effort to attract, invest in, and develop the talents of diverse people who reflect the society and community in which we live. We welcome and support people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions and seek to foster teamwork and effective partnerships among our employees. Oracle provides equitable treatment and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities in accordance with individual needs, business realities, and federal and state laws. These accommodations may include job retraining, an adjusted work schedule, special equipment or transportation, medical leave, or job modification to optimize your performance.

    Nondiscrimination Resources

Our people set us apart

  • Kay, Senior Product Director

    “Technology needs women. It needs the diversity of our ideas, the diversity of the way we think and solve complex problems, the diversity of the way we communicate.” Learn how Kay is upgrading what it means to be a technologist.

    Read Kay's story
  • Scott, Senior Site Reliability Manager

    "The camaraderie I feel with my team and our organization parallels that which I felt in the military." Learn about Scott's role with Oracle National Security Regions and how he is helping fellow veterans pivot from military to corporate life.

    Read Scott's story
  • Isabella, Business Development Consultant

    “Whenever I feel that imposter syndrome creeping up, I remember the sacrifices that were made for me to feel like I belong wherever I am.” Learn how Oracle is helping empower diverse leaders like Isabella.

    Read Isabella's story
  • Kevin, Principal Risk Manager

    "I make it my responsibility to champion LGBTQ+ issues." Learn how Kevin helps ensure everyone can show up as their true and authentic selves

    Read Kevin's story

Our diversity data for 2023

Transparency is the key to progress

True diversity is a continuous journey, not a one-off destination. Through more inclusive hiring strategies and progress tracking we are pleased to continue to work towards our goal to increasing the representation of women globally.

We invest in programs aimed at the advancement and development of women. Oracle Women’s Leadership, internal mobility and mentoring programs, and strategic executive level recruiting are just some of the approaches that help us increase the number of women in management.

Every day, we work to make these numbers more representative of our world. Focused diversity hiring strategies, the Oracle Career Relaunch Program, and partnerships with organizations like Women Who Code and the Foundation help us increase women hires globally.

We celebrate our people’s diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. We are working to bridge the gap with underrepresented communities and increased Asian, Black, Latino, Native American, and Pacific Islander representation. For more demographic information for the United States, view our EEO-1 statement (PDF).

Our leadership development and diversity executive level recruiting programs help us create more diversity within our leadership. We celebrate our progress, while remaining focused on achieving results in future. For more demographic information for the United States, view our EEO-1 statement (PDF).

Oracle’s diverse pool of talent is built through intentionally inclusive recruiting efforts, policy, process, and partnerships. Our collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions are helping increase diversity in STEM and our own workforce, view our EEO-1 statement (PDF).


We work together to make diversity and inclusion a reality

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