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Oracle Health—advancing health with better information

Oracle is committed to improving healthcare experiences for patients, clinicians, and payers by simplifying complex workflows and securely aggregating data. We believe that when we equip people with the information they need to make informed decisions, we can help improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. This is by far the most important undertaking in Oracle’s history.

Watch the main stage keynote from Oracle Health Conference

Watch a demonstration of how Oracle health products, including Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, Oracle Health EHR, and Oracle Health Care Management, are revolutionizing the healthcare experience.

How Oracle Health can help

  • Improve health globally

    With the largest global EHR market share, we bring data together to enable clinicians, patients, and researchers to take meaningful action, advance health, and improve outcomes worldwide.

  • Streamline operations

    Rated the largest revenue cycle management (RCM) leader by IDC MarketScape, we provide timely, predictive, and actionable health insights to automate processes, optimize resources, and drive efficiencies.

  • Unleash innovation

    We’re accelerating collaboration across the ecosystem to make healthcare more holistic, accessible, equitable, and efficient through our open, cloud-based platform.

Oracle Health products

    • Clinical suite

      Help improve the quality of care and the patient experience while enhancing clinical and operational efficiency with Oracle Health’s clinical suite. Our solutions help care teams across the continuum document and access critical patient data, refine workflows, and support patient safety initiatives.

    • Continuum of care

      Help your patients achieve the best possible health outcomes by coordinating, managing, and delivering high-quality care across the continuum—from rehabilitation, home health, and long-term care to behavioral health. Our continuum of care solutions help clinicians find the right venue for patients to get the continued care they need while enabling the exchange of information during transitions of care.

    • Service lines and departments

      Organize care delivery around your service lines to drive revenue, improve quality, and reduce costs. Our service lines and departments portfolio of clinical solutions can help you provide knowledge-driven care—informed by electronic patient health records and unique workflows that support service lines and departments throughout the care continuum.

    • Interoperability

      Facilitate the flow of patient data across provider, vendor, geographical, and technological boundaries with interoperable systems. Provide practitioners with access to a holistic view of each patient’s record—and with it, the potential to coordinate care across health systems, make more-informed care decisions, and gain operational efficiencies.

    • Clinical operations

      Transform your clinical operations by empowering your clinicians with real-time health system tools and techniques that help them overcome today’s challenges and provide high-quality care. A real-time health system strategy helps your organization achieve predictable excellence in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes by using near real-time data from many sources.

    • Revenue cycle

      Clinically driven and patient-focused—that’s the foundation of Oracle Health’s revenue cycle management solutions. A clinically driven revenue cycle takes information captured by clinicians during care and uses it to drive financial outcomes.

    • Reporting and analytics

      Transform your organization’s data into usable, actionable information with Oracle’s healthcare analytics solutions. Realize the true value of your data by helping executives, clinicians, analysts, and staff spend less time searching for and preparing data and more time acting on it.

    • Population health

      Move beyond individual care. With our population health solutions, you can expand your organization’s care focus by magnifying efforts across entire populations and emphasizing chronic condition management and prevention. We can help you provide coordinated care beyond the hospital to promote healthier populations.

    • Consumer experience

      Meet rising consumer expectations and place the person at the center of their healthcare journey with Oracle Health’s consumer experience solutions, which include digital front door and virtual care capabilities.

    • Security

      Maintain a strong security posture for your enterprise with data security solutions that help you manage clinical identity, regulatory compliance, and security auditing and maintain business continuity, even during downtimes.

    • Services

      Oracle Health’s professional services provide in-depth analytics to help determine appropriate performance improvement plans, outline governance, and increase clinician satisfaction and efficiency in the EHR.

    • Regulatory

      Constantly changing federal and state regulations create complex challenges for many US healthcare providers. Through our regulatory compliance and regulatory consulting services, we can help your organization: Stay current with regulatory programs; Create a regulatory steering committee; Track performance

    • Healthcare ERP—finance and operations

      Gain a single view of financial data across your health delivery system. Plan more effectively, reduce the cost of care, and build a more responsive supply chain. Implement new business models, such as value-based healthcare, more easily and adapt faster when your business environment changes.

    • Healthcare cloud infrastructure

      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built to run every healthcare workload—from legacy application systems to data science–driven and modern machine learning–enabled services—to deliver more-informed care choices, predict patient risk factors, and deliver a better, patient-focused healthcare experience.

    • Healthcare human capital management (HCM)

      Create an employee experience that reflects your values, promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and helps clinical and nonclinical staff grow in their careers.

    • NetSuite for healthcare and life sciences

      NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite, used by more than 34,000 customers, enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to improve visibility, minimize complexity, and remain agile in the face of massive change.

    • Customer experience

      Deliver personalized experiences across digital marketing channels to interact with patients when, where, and how they prefer, helping them stay engaged in their health.

People and organizations we serve

Improve healthcare experiences

Improve care outcomes, support whole-person care, and promote better experiences for patients, clinicians, and staff with intuitive, intelligent provider solutions.

Simplify billing processes

Streamline policy administration, personalize member experiences, ensure billing accuracy, and speed up claims processing with a complete core administration platform for payers.

Promote healthier populations

Use technology to generate scalable, global insights to improve population health, promote healthy lifestyles, and prevent diseases.

Accelerate breakthrough clinical research

Unify data from clinical trials, streamline and automate safety case management, and strengthen business operations with solutions designed to support life sciences innovation and research.

Learn more about regulatory and ONC Health IT certifications.

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How Oracle Health can help solve your business problems

“We’re absolutely committed to the mission, and we have a lot of help from a lot of partners who are just as committed as we are.”

Partnering to transform health

The power of data agility and organizational transformation

Stephanie Trunzo, Senior Vice President and GM, Oracle Health

When applied to healthcare, data agility quickly bridges the gap between high volumes of data and meaningful decision-making to support new operating models in organizations, empower people across the ecosystem, and unlock improved outcomes for patients—and ultimately—the entire population.

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