Clinical operations

Transform your clinical operations by empowering your clinicians with real-time health system (RTHS) tools and techniques that help them overcome today’s challenges and provide high-quality care. A real-time health system strategy helps your organization achieve predictable excellence in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes by using near real-time data from many sources.

Watch how Centra is using Oracle Health RTHS solutions to manage clinical operations (2:55)

Clinical operations solutions

Clinical workforce and workload management

Meet increased staffing demands and alleviate staff burnout—Oracle Health’s solutions combine automation with creativity to help you address these organizational challenges.

Achieve operational efficiency

Focus on optimizing your patient journey—use data-driven, actionable insights provided by our health system operations solutions to inform operational decision-making and create the foundation for your organization’s real-time health system strategy.

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Key benefits of our clinical operations solutions

Optimize your clinical operations by driving predictable and operational excellence with a real-time health system strategy.

  • Operational efficiency

    Manage operational efficiency with near real-time analytics and intelligence.

  • Centralized operations

    Provide situational awareness and trigger immediate action with centralized operations.

  • Clinical workflows

    Enable advanced mobile clinical workflows.

Clinical communication and coordination

Establish clinical mobility to help clinicians spend more time delivering patient care.

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