Health system operations

Optimize each patient’s journey with data-driven, actionable insights. Health system operations solutions for operational decision-making help you build the foundation of your organization’s real-time health system strategy.

Health system operations solutions

Support efficient, effective capacity management

Overcome patient flow bottlenecks and communication breakdowns around bed management. Oracle Health capacity management solutions can help your organization provide transparency and align assets to improve patient throughput, efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

A digital unit-level whiteboard

Improve communication for the entire interdisciplinary team and address barriers to discharge by using the Oracle Health Clinical Operations Whiteboard digital unit-level whiteboard.

Oracle Health Clinical Location Awareness

Track patients, staff, and equipment across your organization by using near real-time location data incorporated in Clinical Location Awareness.

Oracle Health Patient Flow

Improve patient throughput with Patient Flow by optimizing and automating job assignments for environmental services and patient transport.

Oracle Health Transfer Center

Streamline coordination between your clinicians to help efficiently and directly admit patients into facilities with Transfer Center.

Systemwide awareness with centralized operations

Operational and clinical inefficiencies increase costs and impact health outcomes and access to services. Effectively manage your resources and processes and improve health system operations using actionable data insights from the Oracle Health Command Center Dashboard.

Situational awareness

Gain a clear understanding of your enterprise’s bed capacity through near real-time data and predictive analytics. With insights from the dashboard, you can better align your resources to address bed capacity, care demand, and equipment needs.

Operational benefits

  • Get visibility into throughput challenges across the enterprise.
  • Anticipate and coordinate resource needs.
  • Streamline care coordination and improve care quality.
  • Help optimize enterprisewide length of stay, capacity, and load-balancing.

Virtual patient monitoring

Enable your observation technicians to monitor multiple patient rooms from a central monitoring station and proactively alert the care team of potential falls and other adverse events using Oracle Health Patient Observer.

Better visibility with intelligent alerts

Track patient movement with Oracle Health Patient Observer using defined motion zones that meet the unique needs of each patient, and help reduce the risk of alert fatigue for monitoring technicians.

Proactive patient communication

Equip monitoring technicians with a two-way communication feature that helps them engage patients in a conversation and contact the care team if needed—potentially preventing an adverse event from occurring.

Improved care coordination

Manage one-on-one sitter requests by providing individual monitoring technicians with the ability to remotely monitor and communicate with multiple patients and notify care team members of emergent situations.

Patient-centric digital engagement

Deliver a unified experience for patients and clinicians with GetWell’s digital engagement capabilities. GetWell’s capabilities are embedded into our offerings to help elevate the patient experience and allow clinicians to act on patient-reported insights within the electronic health record (EHR).

GetWell Inpatient

  • Order automated education for patients.
  • Get a centralized view of prescribed patient education and track patient progress.
  • Keep patient education up to date.
  • Reduce demands on hospital IT.

GetWell Loop

  • Engage patients through automated virtual check-ins.
  • Receive actionable, near real-time data from patients.
  • Empower self-care.
  • Focus on the right patient at the right time.

GetWell Rounds+

  • Patient and family digital rounding.
  • Clinical and nonclinical survey use cases.
  • Expert-curated best practice survey and question templates.
  • Intuitive data dashboards.

Oracle Health Response Readiness

Support the swift allocation and distribution of critical resources to the right end points across your network.

Clinical workforce and workload management

Meeting increased staffing demands while also combatting staffing burnout are at the top of every health system’s organizational goals. That’s why Oracle Health is bringing automation and creativity together to help address these challenges head-on.

Oracle Health Workforce Management

Maintain adequate coverage and equitable share of call with automated scheduling tool that account for the complex rules of individual physician, nursing, and ancillary groups.

Oracle Health Workload Management

Base staffing levels on the skill sets required to achieve the patient’s next level of wellness. Track, measure, and predict patient-specific care demands so you can allocate the right staff for optimal outcomes.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) automates processes to optimize throughput and reprioritize valuable resources

Benefits of our health system operations solutions

  • Improve the patient experience

    Help reduce wait times and enhance the patient experience.

  • Reduce staff burnout

    Help reduce burnout with new collaboration and mobile workflows.

  • Effectively manage your health system

    Help improve patient throughput, control costs, and manage resources more effectively.

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