Referral management

Help improve your organization’s referral workflow and minimize patient referral leakage. With Oracle Health’s referral management tools, you can personalize referrals for individual patients, enable physicians and staff to access and manage referrals, and exchange information safely and securely no matter the electronic health record (EHR).

Learn how we can help you simplify referral management.

End-to-end referral management

Referral management for our EHR users

  • Referral management is included as a core feature for our EHR users.
  • Core referral management capabilities are built directly within clinical and revenue cycle workflows.
  • Referral management helps you track the lifecycle of inbound and outbound referrals without leaving day-to-day workflows, reducing the need to toggle between multiple applications.
  • Analytics provide insight into your patient referral patterns, enabling you to measure revenue improvements and streamline bottlenecks by tracking each stage of the referral process.

EHR-agnostic referral management

  • Expand and retain patients across any EHR and any payer.
  • Match patients with the most appropriate in-network practitioners through a configurable patient-practitioner matching algorithm.
  • Build and maintain a directory that spans employed and affiliated practitioners.
  • Connect diagnostic order and referral processes to provide access to results, orders, scheduling, care summaries, and more.
  • Enable secure, two-way communication with employed and community practitioners.
  • Map referral data back into the EHR workflow.

The Oracle Health difference

When patients leave your network, you can lose significant revenue. We can help you keep your patients—and your revenue—in-network.

  • Our expertise in healthcare

    With more than four decades of accumulated clinical and payer experience, we understand your needs. Our healthcare solutions are designed specifically for the consumers they serve.

  • A robust referral management portfolio

    Our portfolio has the potential to span programs, workflows, and even provider networks.

  • Simplifying referral management

    Reduce complexity and manual interventions with an end-to-end program that supports a streamlined, connected patient referral process.

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