iHub Technologies drives healthcare digitization with Oracle Cloud

The developer of digital healthcare platform Qurix increases innovation resourcing by 30% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Autonomous Database enables us to achieve our vision and accelerate the diffusion of technology across healthcare to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Bijjam Parthasarathi ReddyFounder and CEO, iHub Technologies

Business challenges

Healthcare digitization continues to grow as healthcare providers invest in IT applications that make medical data more accessible for better diagnoses and treatment planning. iHub Technologies, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is helping drive the process with solutions such as Qurix, a healthcare delivery platform that digitizes delivery to make patient care more effective and efficient.

When the company launched Qurix, the company knew it was entering a highly competitive marketplace for digital healthcare solutions. Regardless, Qurix was different, offering an all-in-one platform that could handle multiple hospital functions. Yet, to ensure success, Qurix needed to meet all its promises for better healthcare delivery day after day.

iHub Technologies looked for an infrastructure to underpin Qurix that was highly scalable, to support hospital data growth. The infrastructure also had to be low maintenance, so the business could focus on platform development rather than infrastructure management. And the infrastructure had to provide security to meet strict regulations on the privacy of patient data.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Autonomous Database provides availability, automation, and security that ensures performance and simplifies HIPAA compliance.

Why iHub Technologies chose Oracle

iHub Technologies looked at leading cloud service providers before ultimately selecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The decision was based on OCI’s Oracle Autonomous Database being “truly autonomous” compared with other cloud solutions, meaning it had more automation built in for scaling the platform and for daily management.

Also, with self-tuning from Oracle Autonomous Database, the company could offload the task of manually creating indexes, which requires deep knowledge of the data model, application, and data distribution. As a result, DBAs could have peace of mind that opportunities for database improvement weren’t lost and there wouldn’t be unnecessary indexing that could reduce performance.

The company also used Oracle Data Safe for data security. Data Safe’s data masking capability was a key factor in iHub Technologies’ decision to choose Oracle because it allows DBAs to use realistic yet fictitious data in nonproduction scenarios like development and test activities.


By moving the Qurix application to OCI with Oracle Autonomous Database with Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), iHub Technologies increased the speed of development and implementation of the Qurix platform. It boosted the number of staff working on innovation by 30% because more of the day-to-day administration of database patching, tuning, encryption, and backup is automated with machine learning.

Extracting insight on organizational performance at month-end is also faster, enabling executives to make operational decisions more rapidly for greater business performance. The number of people experiencing the benefits of OCI extends across the organization. Collaboration is better with easy access to accurate data. Employees feel more empowered in meeting their objectives. Customer satisfaction increased and stress levels among the iHub Technologies IT team dropped.

iHub Technologies plans to add customer relationship management and in-patient electronic medical records modules to the platform. It’s also creating an intensive care unit command center module as well as integrating Internet of Things and machine learning into the Qurix offering.

Published:May 20, 2022

About the customer

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