Innova Schools streamlines accounting closures with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

The school system adopts automation capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to improve its financial processes.


Oracle Cloud ERP naturally responded to the growth of our institution and the increase in the number of our students, eliminating the need for extensive planning and additional resources.

Vanina MacijewiczSystems Manager, Innova Schools

With more than 60 locations in Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, Innova Schools operates a large private school network offering primary and secondary education. The organization was dealing with complex and inefficient accounting processes stemming from aging technology. The school selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because it offered a scalable and flexible platform capable of responding to the business’s evolving needs. After adopting Oracle Cloud ERP, the organization automated its financial processes, achieved faster closings, and streamlined financial planning.

Published:May 16, 2024