IWM Cyber Security cuts IT support costs by 50% with OCI

The cybersecurity and learning services provider accelerates system performance with Oracle APEX on Oracle Autonomous Database and MySQL Heatwave.


Oracle APEX’s low-code development platform has been a boon for us as we build, deploy, and enhance our business-critical applications. A new APEX instance can be set up and an application migrated to it in less than 10 minutes. And, with the scalability and performance of Oracle MySQL Heatwave and Autonomous Database, our customers have experienced a 2X to 3X improvement in performance time.

Akshay JawanjalSales Development Director, IWM Cyber Security

Business challenges

IWM Cyber Security (IWM) offers cybersecurity products and services with extensive domain knowledge in the areas of educational technology and government. The company’s offerings address a range of information security and forensic investigation use cases. Since IWM’s inception in 2010, its applications have been developed on Oracle APEX. For example, IWM developed an application used by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in its Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Program to identify bottlenecks in tiger migration corridors, contributing to a dramatic reduction in human-wildlife conflicts. 

IWM also developed a learning platform for aspiring forensic investigators and Certified Ethical Hackers. Previously, IWM’s digital learning platform ran on an Oracle database hosted in AWS. Internal IT staff managed everything, including the compute instance, servers, memory, and operating system. As the platform gained popularity, growing to over 10,000 students, the company began incurring unacceptable computing costs. Plus, IWM’s leaders felt that they were not receiving satisfactory customer service from their cloud provider, especially considering the amount they were spending. Consequently, IWM evaluated options for moving its development and hosting activities to a different cloud provider.

With OCI, we are enjoying much faster system performance and significantly lower costs than what we experienced with AWS.

Why IWM Cyber Security chose Oracle

During the evaluation process, IWM’s technical staff worked with Oracle to run a proof of concept using Oracle Cloud Free Tier services that let companies build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for free. The test began with Oracle Cloud’s support team advising IWM’s staff on the recommended system architecture. Subsequently, IWM staff developed a new eLearning application using Oracle APEX running on Oracle Autonomous Database for transaction processing and mixed workloads (ATP). IWM’s IT staffers were impressed by how easily they could deploy the educational platform on OCI, which was accomplished in a few hours with no negative impact on student users. Based on the results, IWM decided to move the majority of the company’s workloads to OCI. 

Manual efforts by IWM technical staff decreased by 50% with Oracle APEX running on OCI.


IWM now develops its applications on the latest version of Oracle APEX running on OCI. In addition to running its eLearning platform on Oracle ATP, the company migrated most of its ecommerce applications from MySQL community version to Oracle MySQL HeatWave. Those applications were also developed, tested, and deployed using Oracle APEX.  

OCI delivers high availability across IWM’s varying workloads. End users accessing the company’s critical applications enjoy a 2X to 3X improvement in query times compared to what was experienced on AWS. The company taps OCI’s burstable instances for workloads that typically have low CPU utilization. These instances provide a baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to burst to a higher level to support occasional spikes in usage. Database timeouts, which were commonplace with AWS, have been eliminated. 

Technical staff now manage only the low-code APEX environment, and manual work dropped by about 50% overall with OCI. A new instance can be set up and an application migrated to it in less than 10 minutes. The time required to onboard customers was cut from days to a matter of hours. 

In total, license, computing, and support costs were reduced by almost 50%. System security improved, including the use of OCI multifactor authentication. IWM also experienced high levels of customer support from Oracle, with around-the-clock access to resources via phone, chat, or service tickets.

Published:June 23, 2023

About the customer

Founded in 2015, IWM Cyber Security provides a robust array of cybersecurity services ranging from consultancy to complete information security audit.