Kemana improves ecommerce performance by 10X with MySQL HeatWave

Ecommerce agency Kemana boosts shopping experiences for brands with OCI and MySQL HeatWave, allowing for faster onboarding of new online merchants.


MySQL HeatWave gave us just what we needed: a 10X gain in performance and scalability, and a significant reduction in our monthly costs.

Chris BenzCEO, Kemana

Kemana is a leading SaaS ISV that provides ecommerce solutions for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. The company was challenged to offer fast shopping experiences while maximizing uptime, delivering seamless response rates, and minimizing costs. Kemana initially used MySQL Community Edition, but needed better scalability and a higher level of automation to accelerate product development. The company migrated its ecommerce platforms to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and experienced 10X increase in performance and 8X reduction in monthly costs, compared to its previous cloud provider.

Published:June 21, 2024