Louisville Water Company keeps the benefits flowing with Oracle SIA

Oracle SIA gives Louisville Water Company actionable insight into its Oracle licensing so it can generate greater value from its investments.


It was a great benefit to have Oracle offer this to us and go through the process with us. The SIA report provides extensive reference material for us to use going forward.

Jeff KnottVice President, IT, Louisville Water Company

Business challenges

Louisville Water Company began operations in 1860 as Kentucky’s first public water provider. Today, the company provides high-quality drinking water to nearly one million people living in the Louisville Metro and other surrounding communities.

Louisville Water had an unlimited licensing agreement (ULA) for Oracle products that was up for renewal. However, the utility’s leadership didn’t have a clear understanding of its Oracle products, what it was using, and what it wasn’t using. The organization needed to justify the value of the ULA internally before considering renewal and looked to Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) to provide a firm understanding of its current Oracle footprint and deployment.

We started a couple of new internal processes because of what we learned from Oracle SIA. I now feel comfortable knowing which Oracle products I’m using, what we’re using them for, and which pieces go together.

Jeff KnottVice President, IT, Louisville Water Company

Why Louisville Water chose Oracle

A longtime Oracle customer, Louisville Water chose to utilize Oracle SIA to help answer questions about the utility’s Oracle deployment that no one had answered before. Oracle SIA could measure Louisville Water’s current deployment of Oracle products, provide existing entitlement of actively supported products, and recommend how the organization could get the best use of its existing products.


Oracle SIA met with the team at Louisville Water to analyze and evaluate the organization’s existing Oracle footprint. Oracle SIA then delivered an easy-to-use combined Deployment Optimization and Entitlement Intelligence overview detailing Louisville Water’s actively supported products and current deployment. Oracle SIA measured Louisville Water’s deployment in an advisory capacity and answered licensing questions at no additional cost. The analysis helped Louisville Water better understand the value of its ULA and justify the cost of renewal internally. Based on the evaluation from Oracle SIA, Louisville Water renewed its ULA with confidence.

Longer term, working with Oracle SIA is a time saver for Louisville Water, as they now have a baseline of account knowledge from which to begin each new ULA renewal. Having in hand the results of SIA’s analysis will also ensure that Louisville Water is better prepared for the future, which will potentially include migration to the cloud.

Published:April 15, 2022