Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA)

Unlock the full value of your Oracle investments

It’s easier to make the right decisions when you have all the information at hand. Whether you’re looking to streamline your hybrid work processes or modernize legacy platforms, Oracle SIA is a no-cost advisory service that can help you simplify and get more from your Oracle licenses. We can help you develop plans that will put your technology investments at the heart of your business needs and enable you to rise to the challenges that come your way.

Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA): A Customer Journey (3:42)

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“In my opinion as Software Asset Management lead for LV Financial Services, SIA most definitely delivers a value-add approach and is a welcome differentiator from other software companies.”

Paul Younghusband Software Asset Management, LV, United Kingdom

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Whatever challenges your business is facing, SIA is here to give you strategic advice and help make your Oracle products work harder for you. We’ll equip you with actionable insights about your Oracle investments so you can make effective decisions. Here are a few scenarios where we can deliver real value.

Cloud migration

Take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. Get expert support to drive down IT costs, increase security, and accelerate deployments. We can help you develop a cloud migration plan and give advice and guidance throughout your migration project.

Adoption and rollout

We’ll assess how you use our products (both on-premises and in the cloud) and make recommendations to help you maximize their value. With full FinOps cloud support, we can compare your environment with best-practice models and make practical suggestions about how you can extract greater value from your Oracle investments.

M&A integration

With our actionable, data-driven insights, you can create a targeted plan for M&A technology integration based on a clear view of your enterprise. We can help you generate efficiencies, and we’ll make recommendations about how your Oracle investment can best support your M&A success.

Strategic IT review

Get to know your Oracle install base better—learn where you can unlock more value from your investments to turbocharge your long-term growth. We’ll provide you with detailed information about how and where Oracle is being used across your organization and highlight any areas where you could get more value from your Oracle investment.

Enterprise agreements

With one eye on the future, learn how new licensing structures and changes to existing infrastructure can deliver a better return on your investment. SIA can work with you to assess your future needs, discuss what Oracle solutions are available to you, and help you decide what would provide the most value to your business.

Key use cases for Oracle Software Investment Advisory

Cloud migration

Oracle Software Investment Advisory helps customers realize the most value from their on-premises assets during a move to the cloud.

Merger and acquisition

Oracle Software Investment Advisory can provide support during a major merger or acquisition.

Improving the ROI of Oracle deployments

Oracle Software Investment Advisory helped a global financial services business analyze, evaluate, and optimize their Oracle IT investments.

Unlimited license agreements

Oracle Software Investment Advisory can help extract the full value from unlimited license agreements.

“With the support SIA provided, all of the questions we had and issues we were curious about related to our existing licenses were resolved. The inputs provided were very helpful in our design of future HA architecture. On top of that, the detailed explanations and confirmation of global standards was much appreciated.”

Baek SeungYup, Manager, Cloud Team, GS Retail

Supporting your end-to-end cloud journey

APRIL 26, 2023

Achieving long-term business value from technology investments

Claudia Leite, Senior Director, Oracle SIA Latin America

In the past few months, I have been studying value creation and value management. The value management approach is commonly used in different fields, such as construction, engineering, and business management, with the aim of optimizing resources, reducing costs, and improving project outcomes. It is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their performance and achieve their business goals.

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