Global Licensing and Advisory Services

Helping customers to see their Oracle licensing investment in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities that provide business value.

  • Providing customers with an open, transparent, and definitive assessment of their Oracle license position.

  • Advising and equipping customers with actionable insights to maintain and grow their Oracle investments.

  • Gaining full visibility into your Oracle software deployments to make more informed decisions regarding your Oracle investments. Find out more about our Tooling here.

Global Licensing and Advisory Services work with customers to understand their Oracle licensing investment in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities that provide business value. To help us to support customers in making informed decisions we often look to provide customers with insight and visibility into their Oracle software deployments. We do this by using our in-house tools to collect information and by also working with third-party tool vendors to capture information.

GLAS In-House Tools

We continue to develop our own in-house analysis and technical tools which will help identify where products are being deployed and used on a customer's Oracle estate. Depending on the requirements we work with our customers to define the option best-suited to their specific environment, utilizing a range of capabilities and tools that include:

GLAS Verified Third-Party Tool Vendors

We work with third-party tool vendors to enable them to accurately capture usage information relating to Oracle products.

Tools from the following vendors have been verified to provide accurate deployment information. It's important to note that the scope of the verification process only covers the information collection related to the installation and usage of specific Oracle products.

The verification does not include any other Oracle products or the overall capabilities of the vendor’s solution. Oracle will accept data from any of these tools as an alternative to running the Oracle Collection Tool. Usage information gathered from these tools will need to be analyzed by Oracle to determine deployment, usages and license requirements.


Oracle GLAS Software Asset Management (SAM) Program

Help redefine the license inventory conversation by achieving the Oracle PartnerNetwork Software Asset Management Expertise.

Software Asset Management is an essential part of an IT business strategy that can be expertly orchestrated to identify opportunities, maximize return on investment, and limit legal and business risks associated with software license ownership.

Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Software Asset Management Expertise empowers Partners to provide proactive SAM services to Oracle customers, optimizing resources and streamlining their Oracle environment.

Visit these product areas within the Oracle PartnerNetwork to learn how you can set your SAM practice apart: Database, Middleware, and EBS

Digital Transformation Consulting (DTC)

Digital Transformation Consulting (DTC) is a division at Oracle that provides advisory services on managing your Oracle investments.

DTC delivers customer focused offerings, designed to provide clarity and targeted solutions to Oracle customers on the effective use and implementation of their Oracle environment. The advisory services help bridge the gap between on-premises installed base & cloud solutions, including Oracle pure and hybrid Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS options.

The following DTC services are available to help Oracle customers invest with increased flexibility and efficiency.

For more information on Oracle DTC services, please reach out to

Software Investment Advisory

Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) is here to give you a high level of strategic advice.

The SIA team can help you assess and confidently manage your Oracle investments so that you can make effective decisions about Migrating to the Cloud, Oracle adoption and rollout, M&A Integration and much more.

Learn more about Oracle SIA.

Software Investment Advisory