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Oracle Customer Success

Oracle helps Mphasis streamline vendor management, cut costs


Mphasis modernizes vendor management and boosts productivity with Oracle Visual Builder and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

Mphasis is an India-based software service provider acquired by private equity firm Blackstone. Over the years, the company has evolved into an applied technology services company working on the cutting edge of next-generation technologies that help its customers in their digital transformation journeys.

Mphasis specializes in agile development and innovates to help its customers evolve their businesses to meet ever-changing market needs. The company excels in IT architecture and design.

Mphasis has more than 2000 vendors across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States. Earlier, the entire process of vetting the vendors was a manual endeavor using physical forms or email. Information used to get lost during transition, adversely affecting the vendor management process. So, the company needed a digitized system that eliminated the paper trail and effectively managed vendors regardless of geographies.

At the same time, Mphasis wanted an application that boosted the productivity of its own managers in dealing with vendors throughout the manual process. That’s when the company decided to build a portal that addressed both these needs.

There were far too many challenges in accommodating the new requirements that were coming from the business as a whole. That really was a driver to provide a better user experience and scale up for future growth using the tech stack of VBCS and OCI.

Srinivas Rudravarapu

Associate Vice President, IT Services, Mphasis

Why Mphasis Chose Oracle

Mphasis considered Oracle APEX and the Java framework before zeroing in on Oracle Visual Builder. Some of the reasons that led to its choice were the responsiveness and ease of building applications, which contributed to shorter development cycles. The company migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to take advantage of the compute power that was on offer and its integration with Oracle Database.


For any new vendor, Mphasis’s onboarding process used to take anywhere from seven to eight days. Now, with the new digital platform, the company has cut that to one or two days.

Staff efforts to process invoices used to cost $3 per invoice. Now that cost has drastically declined since deploying Oracle Visual Builder, particularly because vendors can track their invoices digitally.

The legacy technology stack used to result in 23 user clicks for every transaction. With Oracle Visual Builder and OCI, Mphasis has reduced that to just 5 clicks. The company has also been able to drastically reduce errors. As a result, the company has also managed to significantly increase employee productivity.

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