Oracle NetSuite achieves global view of critical operations with OpenSearch

The SaaS leader unifies all log analytics for application performance and functionality by moving 30 PB of data to OCI Search using OpenSearch.


OCI Search with OpenSearch provides the eyes and ears of our operations. Thanks to OCI’s robust observability platform, we have consistently maintained top performance and reliability for our customers.

John CherniavskyVice President, Infrastructure Development, NetSuite

NetSuite provides a cloud-based unified business management suite spanning ERP, financials, CRM, and ecommerce for more than 37,000 customers. To monitor critical application functionality and the performance of 30 petabytes of log data, NetSuite required greater scalability and more stable pricing and licensing terms than Elasticsearch provided. By migrating a single 4,000-node cluster from Elasticsearch to 30 100-node clusters on OCI Search with OpenSearch, a fully managed open source service with anomaly detection, NetSuite gained scalability and a global view of its applications. This enabled more effective troubleshooting. In addition, OCI’s flexible shapes, which provide any combination of CPUs and RAM, helped NetSuite improve performance and reduce costs with predictable pricing. OpenSearch also powers external semantic search for people looking for documentation on NetSuite products.

Published:June 21, 2024