OUTRIGGER Hospitality Group lays the groundwork for expansion with OPERA Cloud

OUTRIGGER accelerates resort openings and enhances the speed of product development for its partners with Oracle OPERA Cloud.


Implementing servers and deploying an on-premises solution is significantly more time-consuming than leveraging cloud-based technologies. We have found that OPERA Cloud provides an efficient and effective solution for our needs.

Henry SchwartzChief Information Officer, OUTRIGGER Hospitality Group

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, OUTRIGGER’s leaders recognized that moving from on-premises property management systems to the cloud was imperative for sustaining a competitive edge. With the implementation of OPERA Cloud Property Management, OUTRIGGER dramatically expedited the technology integration process for new hotels and enhanced the ability to use AI-powered innovations, such as chatbots, as they become available. Additionally, Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform streamlined access to OPERA Cloud data for OUTRIGGER’s partners, accelerating product development. These technological advancements markedly enhanced the company’s growth trajectory.

Published:June 7, 2024