Paquetexpress reduces accounting close time by 85% with Oracle Cloud ERP

The Mexican courier and transportation company increases efficiency in payment processes using Oracle Cloud ERP automation.


We have increased our efficiency since implementing Oracle Cloud ERP, reduced workloads, and accelerated decision-making. Our branches are now also interconnected, driving strategic growth with data integration.

José Carlos GalindoDirector of Administration, Paquetexpress

Business challenges

The Mexican company, with over 36 years of experience in the logistics and courier industry, is dedicated to providing shipping and delivery services of packages, documents, and goods nationally and internationally.

The company wanted to expand its branches, however its systems didn’t meet new operational and technical demands. Paquetexpress was using databases that required manual and detailed index management, which slowed down processes and consumed a significant amount of staff time that could be put to better use. In addition, the lack of automation, such as shipping management and financial reporting, were other challenges the company faced.

Why Paquetexpress chose Oracle

Paquetexpress considered a variety of options, but ultimately selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because it allowed for uninterrupted connections among branches, regardless of time or location. The company recognized that stable and scalable software would support exponential growth, as well as help manage the millions of monthly records that Paquetexpress was generating.

Finally, the focus on information security, ease of integration, and continual software updates reinforced the company's choice of Oracle Cloud ERP. 


Adopting Oracle Cloud ERP helped link the company’s global branches to allow real-time access to accounting, payments, purchase orders, inventory, and more.

Oracle's enterprise management system allowed Paquetexpress to generate financial statements with a single click, eliminating complexity and delays in consolidating data from different branches. Additionally, financial closures that used to take up to 12 days were now completed in just 3. Similarly, automation reduced the workload for routine financial activities. Oracle Cloud ERP also resulted in a 70% reduction in procurement process time.

Oracle Cloud ERP helped Paquetexpress leaders to analyze the performance of all branches, make better-informed decisions, and foster strategic growth quickly and effectively. In addition, the software strengthened auditing and internal controls.


Paquetexpress selected partner Quanam to help implement Oracle Cloud ERP.

Published:January 19, 2024

About the customer

Paquetexpress is a Mexican logistics and courier company that ships and delivers packages, documents, and goods throughout Mexico and around the globe.