Oracle helps RBP virtualize software licenses with confidence

The Oracle License Management Services (LMS) Assurance Service helps RBP ensure Oracle agreement compliance as the company virtualized its environment.


As a result of the Oracle LMS Assurance analysis, we learned that the licensing process is not as complicated as we previously thought. Being able to communicate with our Oracle representative was vital to finding the proper solution to our specific problems. Oracle will be our strategic partner in the future.

Jaroslav BližňákHead of IT Infrastructure, RBP

Business challenges

RBP is a health insurance company operating in the Czech Republic. The company currently provides services to healthcare institutions, more than 430,000 clients, and more than 14,000 doctors. Because accessibility has been a key priority for the company in recent years, it introduced accessible, fast, and secure communications channels. Besides the official website, call center, and standard electronic communications, RBP has introduced a modern application, my213, and a new virtual branch.

The company was unsure how moving its applications into a virtual environment would affect its Oracle software license agreements. RBP needed to understand the terms of its software licensing requirements and ensure full compliance while using its new application cluster, which would be built on a VMware hypervisor. The team also needed to optimize usage of current Oracle solutions—Oracle Database Standard Edition, Oracle Forms and Reports, and Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition—to ensure that RBP was getting the most from the investments.

The license review allowed us to identify outdated products, which helped us define our needs and make adjustments. Without the Oracle LMS Assurance Service, we would not be able to operate our applications at such a high level of availability and reliability.

Jaroslav BližňákHead of IT Infrastructure, RBP

Why RBP Chose Oracle

RBP enlisted the help of the Oracle LMS Assurance Service to review its licensing policies for existing Oracle products and ensure that its new application cluster complied with those policies. Oracle License Management Services (LMS) provides Oracle customers with an open, transparent, and definitive assessment of their compliance position, helping customers measure actual usage versus their contractual entitlements. RBP understood that it could use the Assurance Service as a trusted source to get authentic answers to licensing questions.


The Assurance Service provided a review of RBP’s license usage in the proposed virtual environment to confirm that it was compliant with terms and conditions and to evaluate whether the company was getting the most out of its Oracle products. 

With the help of the Assurance Service, the company assessed the effectiveness of its internal software asset management controls and compared actual usage of deployed Oracle products versus contractual entitlements.

The Assurance Service assisted the insurer in obtaining technical and business approvals from Oracle to deploy the virtual environment while meeting license compliance. As a result, the company aligned its license usage to its business strategy and minimized the financial risk of noncompliance. RBP now has official approval from Oracle to move ahead on its virtualization plans with confidence so the company can realize its vision of application reliability, high availability, and more.

The Assurance Service’s detailed analysis also allowed managers to make informed buying decisions for VMware Hypervisor and Oracle software, and even identify new interactive products.

Published:November 18, 2021