Soho Media Solutions interconnects clouds and secures data

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives SOHO Media Solutions the agile results it needs. Oracle Data Safe helps the company improve data security.


Our cloud-first strategy has allowed us to quickly develop, launch, and monetize new solutions that better connect our advertising partners with their target customers. This is due in part to the innovative multi-cloud solution introduced by Oracle and Microsoft. We’ve connected an Azure Kubernetes cluster to our Oracle RAC database in Oracle Cloud and the 2ms latency is even less than we experienced with our previous hosting provider.

Guillaume DelannoyCEO, Soho Media Solutions

Business challenges

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Soho Media Solutions is the leader in real-time media event publishing solutions. The ISV’s business is a proprietary data collection software that enables its partners and customers to ingest information into a common database and export the information into digital media publishing platforms. The company’s on-premises solution did not deliver critical performance and scalability requirements to meet customers’ needs.

The company runs its digital advertising business via its ISV platform using Azure Front Door and Kubernetes Service in London South connecting over Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Azure Interconnect to Oracle Database Cloud Service with Oracle RAC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in London (primary database). It uses Azure Netherlands and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Amsterdam (standby database) for failover implemented using Oracle Data Guard. As a European company, Soho Media Solutions is subject to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We use Data Safe to monitor and assess user activity inside the database… It’s very easy to implement and it’s very, very robust.

Guillaume DelannoyCEO, Soho Media Solutions

Why Soho Media Solutions chose Oracle

The ISV needed a multicloud solution that allowed it to run critical applications on Azure and Oracle RAC, as well as database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, but delivered on-premises.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Azure partnership create a super low-latency interconnect. Soho Media Solutions saw this as an opportunity to meet its near real-time on-premises performance demands and lower their costs while providing scalability and agility to meet the needs of their partners and customers.

The company selected Oracle Data Safe for its ability to assess security risks, audit database user activity, mask sensitive data, and provide compliance reporting for EU GDPR. They were also impressed by Oracle Data Safe’s ease-of-use and quick time-to-value.


Soho Media made a lift and shift to the cloud by migrating its Oracle RAC and Database Cloud Service (DBCS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure London (OCI UK South). Soho used the low latency OCI and Azure interconnect in London to run a multicloud solution using Azure Front Door and a Kubernetes Cluster in Azure UK South. The company also mirrored its London multicloud deployment in OCI Amsterdam and Azure Netherlands to ensure that it had a solid disaster recovery solution. To achieve high availability, Soho implemented Oracle Data Guard and Remote VCN peering for real-time data protection across regions.

Since migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using the interconnect between OCI and Azure, Soho Media’s global platform achieves 100% uptime with the on-premise-like experience it sought. The latency between their Azure applications and OCI services is under 1.5ms. Soho Media simplified its solution because OCI and Azure interconnect allow the same credentials to be used for Identity Access Management policies across the two clouds. The decision to choose this multicloud solution with OCI and Azure interconnect provides Soho Media the desired low latency, highly performant, fully secure, and agile .NET solution their business requires.

The ISV was able to start setting up audit policies and generating compliance reports with Oracle Data Safe on the first day using the service. Soho took advantage of the security assessments and reporting provided by Oracle Data Safe to demonstrate its focus on security and compliance to its own customers, building further confidence in the company's offerings.

Published:August 27, 2020