Transition Technologies halves deployment time with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Transition Technologies speeds deployment time and helps its energy customers stay compliant by moving its app to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


On OCI we were able to deploy our flagship application at a major energy company within a few months. When we compare this project with our traditional implementations made previously on-premises, we cut deployment time in half, saving six months of project delivery, with Oracle Cloud. The accelerated timeframe gives us a tremendous competitive advantage.

Grzegorz MazurekService Department Director, Transition Technologies Systems

Business challenges

Founded in Poland in 1991, Transition Technologies is a provider of advanced solutions for the energy, gas, industry 4.0, and bioinformatics markets. Most of its 2,000 employees are scientists, engineers, IT architects, and programmers. It has customers worldwide, including in Europe and the United States.

The company uses Oracle technology to build most of its IT products, based on company knowledge and experience in designing business processes in the industries it serves.

Its flagship product is the LUXtrade Commodity Trading and Risk Management system for energy and gas companies.

 “LUXtrade was developed completely in-house. We’ve been implementing it on-premises in Europe for almost 20 years. Several years ago, we also started delivering it as software-as-a-service,” says Service Department Director Grzegorz Mazurek. Challenging times for the energy sector required an efficient solution with RES management, algo-trading, forecasting, and data analytics. The company was working to meet all these targets but believed it could achieve its goals only with Oracle technology.

However, when a customer asked to use  LUXtrade in the cloud, Transition Technologies had to scramble to deploy a cloud solution in just six months.  

Why Transition Technologies chose Oracle

Transition Technologies (and its subsidiary company Transition Technologies Systems) has been using Oracle Database and complementary technologies like Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard for more than 20 years. A natural next step was adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Standard Database Service to make the company’s applications available in the SaaS model.

Transition Technologies selected OCI for its high performance, ease of management, and significant cost savings in comparison to the traditional approach of on-premises infrastructure.

Another key factor in selecting Oracle was the availability of many security services, such as Oracle Vulnerability Scanning Service, Oracle Threat Intelligence Service, Oracle Web Application Firewall, Oracle Cloud Guard, and Oracle Data Safe, which Transition Technologies used for data and infrastructure security.


Despite the broad functional scope of the LUXtrade modules required  to meet the needs of the energy market, the OCI deployment took half the time (only 5.5 months instead of almost a year) than would have been needed for an on-premises installation. “The main benefit of using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that we can quickly deploy a demo version or a prototype that enables us to demonstrate the benefits of our system before the actual installation of our modules,” says Service Department Director Grzegorz Mazurek.

Security also improved with OCI because the services are always up to date, and maintain complete separation between each customer’s deployments to help protect data privacy.

Using OCI also means new business opportunities for Transition Technologies. Running LUXtrade in a software-as-a-service model on OCI allows the company to scale computing power and disk space as the number of customers grows—without spending time and effort to maintain the infrastructure.

 “On Oracle Cloud it’s also easier and faster to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of LUXtrade to prospective customers, using the prototype we have developed,” says Mazurek.

Published:June 22, 2022