Wiz accelerates the deployment of its cloud security platform with Oracle Cloud

One of the fastest-growing SaaS companies simplifies security management for OCI and multicloud customers with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we can better deliver our cloud security platform at the speed our customers expect. The partnership has enabled us to remove security as a roadblock, enabling our shared customers to stay innovative and adopt more cloud technologies.

Fred MeekGlobal Vice President, Technical Solutions, Wiz

Business challenges

The rising popularity of containers, and container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes, have helped developers conserve computing resources, eliminate downtime, and manage complex distributed applications more efficiently. By nature, each container can potentially run with critical vulnerabilities that can be exposed through networking risks or misconfigurations. As organizations deploy thousands of containers in the cloud or use multicloud deployment strategies, a vulnerability in even a single container image can lead to significant business impact if exploited. As a result, security practitioners may experience alert fatigue as they sort through a myriad of warnings to identify the true critical risks.

Wiz offers a cloud security platform that gives security and development teams visibility, context, and risk prioritization to more easily identify toxic combinations of risk that can create attack paths to an organization’s data or admin accounts. The company offers its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) via multiple cloud providers.

But in order to sustain its rapid growth, Wiz needed a partner that could deliver value to a wide range of enterprise-level organizations across the full range of vertical markets. But such a partnership could be effective only if the provider offered a working environment that facilitated rapid deployment and time to value. 

Why Wiz chose Oracle

Wiz selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to better support the preferences of its customers and prospects, who cover all industry verticals. The decision was easy based on Oracle’s commitment to open source and interoperability with third-party tools as a cloud native feature, which helped the company’s technical staffers work with the tools they were already accustomed to. Oracle’s embrace of multicloud helped shared customers manage security across cloud providers more easily. Also, Oracle’s consistent pricing across global cloud regions made it simple for Wiz to give its customers predictable cost estimates.

The Wiz cloud security platform on OCI helps Oracle Cloud and multicloud customers more easily remediate risk and accelerate the speed of innovation.


After establishing a partnership with Oracle, Wiz created a connector to OCI in just 30 days, which typically would have taken months with other cloud providers. The company’s technical staff was impressed with the speed of support it received from OCI support teams. For example, Wiz can onboard new customers to its multi-tenant API in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Shared customers can use OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) to reduce the time, cost, and effort of deploying containers, which is critical for helping organizations to stay innovative. With other cloud providers, Wiz staffers sometimes had to help build Kubernetes, which pulled resources away from focusing on the company’s own security platform. Wiz’s security platform on OCI helped remove security as a roadblock so that customers could be more comfortable with expanding their cloud strategies. This partnership contributed to Wiz becoming one of the fastest-growing software companies, scaling from $1 million to $100 million ARR in only 18 months.

Published:March 22, 2024

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