Digital marketing: Acquire new customers and keep them loyal

Accelerate business growth, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty with an integrated portfolio of digital marketing solutions for B2B and B2C marketers. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications helps you deliver personalized omnichannel experiences across digital channels using real-time intelligence and customer signals.

Why choose Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Digital Marketing?

01Increase conversion rates

Monitor and capture customer behaviors as they happen and leverage them to personalize the customer experience at scale.

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02Boost customer lifetime value and engagement

Reduce customer churn by providing promotions, content, and product recommendations that resonate best with each individual customer.

Provide relevant offers and recommendations

03Improve personalization

Use customer data to better understand their preferences and deliver more relevant omnichannel experiences and messaging.

Essential strategies for personalized cross-channel marketing

04Accelerate ROI from your marketing ecosystem

Take advantage of built-in integrations, flexible APIs, and data streaming to embed rich behavioral data into your marketing ecosystem.

How behavioral intelligence powers marketing automation and campaign management

Xfinity logo

Xfinity launches their video streaming service with Oracle

The telephone, TV, and internet subsidiary of Comcast worked with Oracle Marketing to promote the benefits of its new Xfinity Flex to its existing internet customers.

Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Digital Marketing benefits and features

Transform your digital marketing campaigns by engaging consumers where and when they want to interact. Accelerate your digital transformation for the 5G era by subscribing to a complete SaaS platform. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications offers a smart and innovative digital experience, personalized for each customer.

Unify and enrich customer data

Unify and enrich customer data to create better multichannel experiences across each and every point in the buying process. Connect customer behaviors, transactions, and demographics across marketing, sales, customer service, and your OSS/BSS applications to create a great customer experience for each individual and company.

Unique and personalized IDs

Personalize an experience to each unique customer by creating a unique customer ID across all data—structured and unstructured.

Real-time customer intelligence

Leverage clean data, apply intelligence at scale, and use insights to deliver personalized experiences in real time.

AI-driven audience targeting

Leverage embedded AI and machine learning capabilities to discover new customer segments to target.

Omnichannel digital marketing

Run omnichannel campaigns from one solution and continuously nurture prospects as they traverse multiple channels, both digital and physical.

Superior customer experiences

Leverage your intuition and creativity to orchestrate superb B2B and B2C campaigns and personalized customer experiences.

Discover the core capabilities of Digital Experience for Communications

Use data and AI to launch offers, acquire and retain customers, deliver omnichannel commerce and customer care, and fulfill and monetize services at scale.

"Testing into our creative and messaging approach gave us just the type of learnings we needed to launch this exciting new product on the right foot and keep up on the momentum."

Elizabeth (Betty) Mattei, Senior Manager, Brand and Lifecycle Marketing, Comcast
Thought Leadership

A post-pandemic paradigm for marketers

Rob Tarkoff, EVP, General Manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX)

B2B selling has become more virtual, meaning that marketers need to react more quickly, target prospects more effectively, and even launch ad campaigns seamlessly with as few points of friction as possible. As I’ve noted in an earlier piece, most CRM systems simply don’t work in this context. Fortunately, we've built something that does meet our needs as marketers, and that’s a new product called Oracle Fusion Marketing.

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Deliver personalized, omnichannel, connected experiences

Understand the behavior and intent of every customer using a digital profile with real-time, actionable insights—allowing you to better engage and personalize their experience.

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Gaining agility and beating disruptors at their own game

How can you develop an agile business and operations environment to compete and thrive in the digital economy?

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