Launch Products and Innovations Faster

Launch new products and offers quickly with a centralized design-time experience. Predictive performance analytics provide data-driven design intelligence allowing you to design the right offers, the first time. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Launch helps you deliver customer-centric innovations and increase revenue and margins with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface built specifically for business users.

Why choose Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Launch?

01Create offers quickly and reduce time to market

Increase business agility by creating relevant offers quickly. Business users can leverage improved design time processes to get to market faster.

Steps to releasing a new offer

02Gain visibility and control into the NPI process

Establish a clear plan to take your product to market and reduce chaotic product proliferations along the way. Reduce the business user’s dependence on IT by giving them control into the NPI process.

03Publish to run-time with 1-click

Introduce products using an intuitive design experience, across both owned and partner services. Improve campaign time to market with one-click release and publishing.

Digitize new product introduction process (PDF)

Swisscom boosts growth, customer engagement with Oracle

Swisscom, Switerland’s leading communication provider, wanted to pursue new B2B and B2C business models to find new business growth areas.

Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Launch features and benefits

Use predictive performance analytics to create new, revise existing, and retire old offers with a centralized design-time experience.

Offer creation

Design the right offers—the first time—using predictive performance analytics and data-driven design intelligence. Create relevant offers and bundles by defining core and noncore products, flexible bundles and components, pricing, terms, and eligibility rules using a single, intuitive interface. Optimize offer and bundle design and launch with data-driven insights. Improve the design-time experience with a modern, guided, business-persona–friendly UX.

One-click publishing

Improve campaign time to market with one-click release and publishing. With prebuilt integrations to sales, commerce, provisioning, billing catalogs, and more, you can automatically propagate newly launched offers—without IT involvement.

Offer 360

View, monitor, and manage all offers in the Offer 360 dashboard. Monitor the life-cycle stage and performance of offers. Reduce the probability of churn with a clear view into offer performance with sales by customer segment, by channel, and by campaign mode metrics. Whether you create new, clone existing, retire, or modify any offers at any stage, you are prepared to meet customer demand—all from one location.

Discover the core capabilities of Digital Experience for Communications.

Use data and AI to launch offers, acquire and retain customers, deliver omnichannel commerce and customer care, and fulfill and monetize services at scale.

“Most CSPs have much to do in order to provide a digital experience that is comparable with that of digital-native companies.”

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