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Account Reconciliation

Streamline account reconciliation by comprehensively addressing risk, efficiently managing the global account reconciliation process, and using automation.

Risk Management Cloud
Explore Account Reconciliation

Product Features

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Reconciliation Compliance


  • Keep track of preparer and approver assignments for each reconciliation. Use teams to distribute workflow and ensure efficient and timely preparation.
  • Collaboration and Workflow

  • Gain workflow support for the account reconciliation process, including monitoring, reporting, and analysis. Facilitate communication across distributed organizations and ensure capture of all audit documentation.
  • Comprehensive Reconciliation Formats

  • Leverage prebuilt reconciliation formats or create your own, providing a flexible environment for creating and deploying reconciliation formats across the enterprise.
  • Compliance-Driven Framework

  • Utilize rule-based thresholds for automated certification and risk assessments.
  • Signoffs and Approvals

  • Get instant visibility into the progress and status of the reconciliation lifecycle.

Transaction Matching

    Data Optimization and Normalization

  • Maximize the number of matches created using tools that improve data quality.
  • Flexible Matching Rules with Configurable Tolerances

  • Define match rules that produce one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many matches. Configure tolerance rules that allow match creation with acceptable thresholds.
  • Interactive Matching

  • View suggested matches and decide whether to confirm or reject. Create manual matches subject to configurable constraints.
  • Management of Discrepancies

  • Create adjustments for variances between data sources and track the resolution of the adjustments.
  • Balancing

  • Create period-end balancing reports that satisfy accounting compliance requirements.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Data Integration

    Application Integration

  • Connect to source EPM business processes and ERP applications such as Oracle Financials Cloud.
  • Integration with Oracle and Other Source Systems

  • Leverage existing IT investments and quickly integrate data from multiple sources including spreadsheets and native databases.
  • Enterprise Awareness

  • Achieve integrated financial decisions driven by multiple sources of financial impacts.

Oracle EPM Cloud Collaboration and Workflow

    Task-Driven Processing

  • Gain workflow support for the account reconciliation process including monitoring, reporting, and analysis.
  • Signoffs and Approvals

  • Get instant visibility into the progress and status of the reconciliation lifecycle.
  • Compliance

  • Leverage audit controls for all activities.

Oracle EPM Cloud User Experience

    Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface

  • Reduce training costs and increase user productivity with a web user interface and reports.
  • Role-Based Tasks and Work Areas

  • Manage, perform, and approve tasks in configurable management work areas.
  • Interactive Dashboards

  • View operational and compliance dashboards for real-time analysis of reconciliation processes.
Account Reconciliation Successes

Customer Stories

Montefiore logo

Learn How Oracle EPM Cloud Helps Montefiore Save Lives



Due to exponential growth, Montefiore chose Oracle EPM Cloud with consolidation, close, account reconciliation, and narrative reporting, enabling senior leaders and clinical departments to make informed decisions that help change patient lives.

CoStar logo

Game Changer for CoStar CFO—Oracle ERP and EPM Cloud



No more spreadsheets or emails—CoStar gets monthly close data with the simple click of a button using Oracle's ERP, enterprise planning and budgeting, analytics, enterprise performance reporting, account reconciliation, and tax reporting cloud solutions.

The Hackett Group logo

The Hackett Group Finds the Subscription Process for Oracle Cloud Simple and Clear

The Hackett Group's reputation as a business strategy consultancy is built on our ability to leverage and implement empirically proven best practices. Cloud-based solutions increasingly factor into best practice delivery. We recently purchased Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud to ensure that our consultants are proficient on the solution and prepared to support our clients on their implementations.
Anthony Manfredi, Principal Chief Technical Architect, The Hackett Group

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Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Standard Cloud

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  • Finanční konsolidace a závěrka
  • Komentáře ve výkaznictví
  • Plánování

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Cloud

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Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Cloud — Hostovaný zaměstnanec

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  • Komentáře ve výkaznictví
  • Plánování
  • Ziskovost a správa nákladů
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  1. Vyžaduje minimálně 10 uživatelů. K použití je aktivována jedna aplikace (například obchodní proces). Aktivace každé další aplikace zahrnuje měsíční poplatek ve výši 2 500,00 USD.
  2. Vyžaduje minimálně 25 uživatelů. Zahrnuje přístup k pokročilým úpravám a funkcím.
  3. Omezeno na 5 000 hostovaných záznamů.
  4. Vyžaduje minimálně 5 000 zaměstnanců. Zahrnuje přístup k pokročilým úpravám a funkcím.