Oracle Advanced Compression

Oracle Advanced Compression provides database-compression capabilities that improve performance while reducing storage costs. Oracle Advanced Compression reduces an organization’s overall database storage footprint for all types of data—relational (table), unstructured (file), index, Data Guard redo, network, and RMAN backups—and also improves performance for all components of the database infrastructure, including memory and network bandwidth.

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Explore Oracle Advanced Compression features

Reduce database storage

50% (or more) database storage reduction

Use Oracle Advanced Compression to achieve at least a 2X reduction in overall database storage—with little or no disruption during implementation.

Defer future database storage purchases or leases

Reduce the total application database data size to better use existing database storage and lower growth in the future.

Improve query performance

Data remains compressed in memory

Building compression into the database allows Oracle Database to read compressed data and indexes directly in memory.

Improved buffer cache efficiency

Oracle Database compression has no adverse impact on read operations, and the database’s buffer cache becomes more efficient by storing more data without adding memory.

Faster RMAN backup and recovery

Data remains compressed during RMAN backups

Compressed data remains compressed during RMAN backups and does not need to be uncompressed before recovery—reducing backup storage needs, and potentially backup and restore times.

Additional levels of RMAN backup compression

Oracle Advanced Compression provides three levels of RMAN Backup Compression: Low, Medium, and High. The amount of storage savings increases from Low to High, and typically uses fewer CPU resources than RMAN Basic Compression.

Reduce network traffic

Network compression

Advanced Network Compression, also referred to as SQL Network Data Compression, compresses network data during transmission to reduce network traffic.

Data Guard Redo Transport Compression

Data Guard Redo Transport Services transfers redo data to standby site(s). Redo data is compressed with Oracle Advanced Compression, then transmitted in compressed form. This reduces both network bandwidth consumption and the transmission time of redo data.

100% application transparency

No application changes or special hardware needed

Oracle Database compression is built into the database, and application changes are not required to run Oracle Advanced Compression.

Oracle Advanced Compression customer successes

Organizations use Oracle Advanced Compression to efficiently manage data growth, minimizing database storage-related costs while continuing to achieve the highest levels of application query performance.

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Learn how Goodman Fielder used Oracle Advanced Compression to reduce storage requirements and improve performance.

Oracle Advanced Compression use cases

  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications

    With 100% application transparency application and SQL changes are not needed to use Oracle Advanced Compression with COTS applications.

  • Any size OLTP and data warehouse applications

    Robust compression and improved query performance are key benefits for any size of custom OLTP or data warehouse application.

  • Data lifecycle management

    Data lifecycle management enables organizations to understand their data access over time and optimize their database compression and database storage tiering based on their current data usage.

    See how Yapı Kredi Bank reduced data lifecycle management administration time and costs with Oracle Advanced Compression.

    Read the story (PDF)

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