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Developers and analysts can manage different types of geospatial data, perform hundreds of location intelligence analytics, and use interactive map visualization tools with Oracle Autonomous Database. The self-service Oracle Spatial Studio enables business analysts to use the spatial features without calling IT for help—there is no coding required. It’s easy to evaluate using Oracle Cloud Free Tier, which includes two always-free Oracle Autonomous Database instances, plus US$300 in free credits for other Oracle Cloud services.

Step 1

Create and login to your Oracle Cloud account

Create an account through a web browser or mobile device. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Sign up for a free Oracle Cloud account
  • Read the welcome email for access details
  • Login to the free Oracle Cloud account
How to create a login to your Oracle Cloud account

Step 2

Create an Oracle Autonomous Database

Produce a database instance and utilize its built-in spatial features to query, analyze, and visualize spatial content stored in a Free Tier Autonomous Database instance.

  • Choose either an Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse workload and deployment type for your database
  • Create administrator credentials and choose network access
  • Click “Create Database”—it’s that easy
How to create an Oracle Autonomous Database

Step 3

Set up Spatial Studio

Developers and analysts can load, prepare, and analyze spatial data using Spatial Studio in a few simple steps.

  • Download Spatial Studio from Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Set up the database user in Autonomous Database via Database Actions
  • Load table data via the Data Loading page in Database Actions
  • Open Spatial Studio and create a new spatial project
Set up Spatial Studio

Step 4

Explore and start your project

Load and geocode data. Create map visualizations. Perform queries and analyses such as within distance, nearest neighbor, and spatial joins. Share results with other applications and tools such as Oracle Analytics Cloud for broader analysis – all without writing a line of code.

  • Perform spatial queries and analyses from Spatial Studio’s intuitive visual interface
  • Create and interact with data in maps
  • Save and share map projects
Explore and start your project

Step 5

Additional resources to get started

Workshops and videos that will help you to explore location intelligence in your data using spatial features of Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database.

Additional resources to get started

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