Oracle Database Actions

Oracle SQL Developer

Formerly known as SQL Developer Web, Database Actions brings you your favorite Oracle Database desktop tool’s features and experience to your browser! Delivered as a single-page web application, Database Actions is powered by Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS). Database Actions offers, a worksheet for running queries and scripts, the ability to manage and browse your data dictionary, a REST development environment for your REST APIs and AUTOREST enabled objects, an interface for Oracle’s JSON Document Store (SODA), a DBA console for managing the database, a data model reporting solution, and access to PerfHub.

Your Favorite Database Management Tool, in the Browser

Browser Easy access for your users with nothing to install or maintain.


Powered by Oracle REST Data Services, available in any modern browser.

  • No additional cost feature of the Oracle Database (Free)
  • Quarterly Releases
  • One install can service multiple databases
  • Database account authentication
  • Your database roles determine access to features
  • No desktop configuration, Oracle clients, TNS management required


  • SQL worksheet with same script engine, parser, formatter, and query history as SQL Developer on your desktop
  • Import and Export data using your favorite formats
  • Create and Edit object dialogs
  • Build powerful, secure REST APIs
  • Create rich relational diagrams and data dictionary reports for your schemas
  • Create users, monitor your instance and drill down into sessions, Top SQL, Wait Events, and more
  • Real Time SQL Monitoring and Performance Hub
  • Complete JSON Document Collection management (SODA)


  • Database Actions is deployed automatically with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Services
  • Also available from any customer managed ORDS installation and their Oracle Databases
  • Supported on Database versions, multi-tenant or classic architecture
    • 11gR2
    • 12.1
    • 12.2
    • 19c
    • 21c
  • Can be deployed for one or multiple Oracle Databases

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Database Actions Video Tutorial Series
Database Actions Video Tutorial Series

A collection of short videos demonstrating various features and how to install and login for the first time.

REST LiveLabs Workshop
REST LiveLabs Workshop

In less than 45 minutes, learn how to create your first REST service using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) on an Autonomous Database. Load CSV data into a new table and then simply REST enable that table for REST endpoints handling all major operations (create, update, query, delete). Finally, learn how to use OAuth2 to secure and access your REST service endpoints.

SInstance Viewer Demo
Instance Viewer Demo

This animated GIF demonstrates how you can monitor database activity and drill down into expensive SQL statements for execution plans, SQL Tuning Advisor advice and more..