Exadata Solutions

The combination of Exadata and Oracle Database provides a powerful platform for all types of database workloads. Click the tiles to view example solutions that can be achieved using Exadata and Oracle Database.

Backup and Recovery
# Solutions

Backup and Recovery on Exadata can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on MAA requirements and infrastructure available. Below are common solutions to backing up Oracle Databases on Exadata:

100 Gb Backup Solution using ZFS

Backing up Oracle Database on Exadata to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance using 100 Gb internal network.

Exadata X8M and ZFS Storage 25 Gb Backup Solution

Backing up Oracle Database on Exadata to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance using dedicated backup network infrastructure.

Exadata Database Machine Backup and Restore Configuration and Operational Best Practices

MAA Best Practices for Exadata Database Machine backup and restore configuration and operations, covering ZDLRA, ZFS, Cloud, and Tape options.

Application Tier Integration
# Solutions

Connecting application tier workloads to Exadata. Whether from Oracle Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or commodity hardware, below are common solutions to connecting to Oracle Database on Exadata:

Direct Connect PCA with Exadata

Documents the network attachment and configuration steps needed to create secure, private and high bandwidth connectivity between the VMs/Containers, comprising the apps/middleware tier running on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, and the database tier running on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Connecting to an Exadata Cloud Infrastructure Instance

Describes how to connect to an Exadata Cloud Infrastructure instance using SSH or SQL Developer.

100 Gb Client Network Connectivity for Exadata X9M

Availability of the Oracle Dual Port 100 Gb Ethernet Adapter for Exadata X9M.

Management & Operations
# Solutions

Exadata Operational Best Practices

Latest Operational best practices to help you get the most out of your Oracle Exadata Database Machine

# Solutions

Migrating database workloads to Exadata. Whether you're migrating from commodity hardware, non-Oracle database, or refreshing between Exadata generations, below are common solutions to migrating Oracle Database to Exadata:

Zero Downtime Migration

Simple, Automated, One button approach solution for moving your Oracle Databases into Exadata On-Premises or in the Cloud.

Oracle ZDM Physical Migration - Step by Step Guide

A step-by-step guide for migrating your on-premises Oracle Databases to Exadata On-Prem or Oracle Cloud with Zero Downtime Migration's Physical workflow.