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Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Simple, Automated, One button approach solution for moving your Oracle Databases into the Oracle Cloud

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Oracle Zero Downtime Migration


Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Technical Brief

Introduction and Technical Overview of Oracle Zero Downtime Migration


Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Video Playlist

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Step by Step Migration Video Playlist


Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Documentation

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Documentation and Runbooks

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Automation

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

8 Simple Automated Steps

  • User Downloads and Configures ZDM

    Download ZDM and configure it. ZDM runs on Oracle Linux 7 or above, and should be run on a separate server.

    Download ZDM
  • ZDM Starts Database Migration

    Fill in the ZDM template file and start migration via the ZDMCLI command line. ZDM will connect to source and target with the provided SSH keys.

  • ZDM Connects the Source Database to the Object Store

    ZDM proceeds to establish connectivity between the source/primary database and the Oracle Object Store in the Oracle Cloud. Customers migrating to Exadata Cloud at Customer, can use local NFS Storage or the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance instead of the Object Store.

  • ZDM OrchestratesTransfer of DB Backup Files

    ZDM orchestrates transfers of database backup files from the source/primary to the Object Store.

  • ZDM Instantiates a Standby Database

    ZDM instantiates a Data Guard Standby Database using the backup files that were transferred in the previous step.

  • ZDM Synchronizes Primary and Standby

    ZDM sets up Oracle Net Services connectivity between source and target, and completes setting up the Data Guard Configuration.

  • ZDM Switches Over and Swaps Roles

    ZDM then performs a Data Guard Switchover and transitions the role of the databases.

  • ZDM Finalizes the Migration Process

    ZDM finalizes the migration process, terminates Data Guard Connectivity between the source and the target, and performs necessary clean up operaitons at the source and target environments.

Alt Text




Multiple sources and targets


MAA Compliant

Based on the precepts of Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture



One button approach Database Cloud Migration


Supported Sources and Targets

Supported Sources
Supported Targets

Supported Sources

Oracle ZDM supported sources comprise of Oracle Databases On-Premises and on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic, bear in mind that source and target databases must be on the same version and same or higher patch level.

Supported Database Versions

Oracle ZDM supports the following source database versions:

  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle Database 18c
  • Oracle Database 19c

Supported Configurations

Oracle ZDM supports the following source configurations:

  • Oracle Database Single Instances
  • Oracle RAC One Node Databases
  • Oracle RAC Databases

Supported Oracle Database Cloud Services

Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud is available in a range of configurations, according to your needs. Oracle Zero Downtime Migration supports different Target Oracle Cloud Database Services

Test Drive Oracle Database 19c in the Cloud