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Spatial Features - Partners' Data Downloads

The following data is provided by Oracle Spatial partners.

Note: These are not Oracle-supported products. Please contact the responsible third parties directly for all support issues.

HERE (Formerly NAVTEQ)

HERE Map Content Sample for Oracle Analytics  (dmp 1.5Gb) HERE Map Content Sample for Oracle Analytics(aka OBIEE Navteq Sample) in Oracle DataPump format.
HERE Map Content Sample in Oracle Delivery Format for San Francisco (ZIP 127MB) HERE Map Content Sample in Oracle Delivery Format for San Francisco, including Oracle Spatial mapping, geocoding and routing data
HERE Map Content Sample in Oracle Delivery Format for Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management (ZIP 156MB) HERE Map Content Sample in Oracle Delivery Format for Oracle Utilities Mobile Oracle Power and Light Demo, including Oracle Spatial mapping, geocoding and routing data
Download World Sample HERE Data Bundle (ZIP 1.5Gb) This bundle includes national boundaries, administrative boundaries and major highways for 100+ countries in a format (DataPump) compatible with Spatial 11g Release 2 or higher.


TomTom Maps for Oracle TomTom Maps offers advanced maps, routing, street and address data for Oracle Spatial, enhancing Oracle built-in geocoding, routing and display. Datasheet

Safe Software

Trial version of FMS Oracle Edition from Safe Software  Download a trial version of FME Oracle edition - a powerful spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) toolset for importing over 250 GIS, CAD, 3D, raster and other formats into Oracle Spatial and Oracle GeoRaster.

American Digital Cartography inc.

ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas Version ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas Version is now available in Oracle 10g format. WorldMap Digital Atlas includes administrative boundaries for 241 countries and 3,220 Sub-National boundaries.

Features include:

  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Airports
  • Capitals of the World
  • Cities, Towns, Villages
  • Hydrography
  • Railroads
  • Roads
  • Land Areas
  • Land Cover
  • Utilities
  • Contours
  • Transportation
  • Ocean Features


AFRIGIS Data Sets 

AFRIGIS is a technology innovation company supplying detailed geospatial data for South Africa for both government and corporate customers "We are passionate about location and answering the 'Where?' questions." Available data sets include sets for the following.

  • Provinces, Municipalities, District Councils, Magisterial Districts, Electoral Wards, Tribal Authorities
  • AfriGIS National Address Database (NAD)
  • AfriGIS Cadastre
  • Deeds Data
  • AfriGIS Street Centrelines
  • AfriGIS Points of Interest
  • AfriGIS Suburb Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Town Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Postal Codes
  • AfriGIS Postal Code Regions
  • AfriGIS Sectional Schemes
  • AfriGIS Proclaimed Town Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Built Up Coverage
  • AfriGIS Gated Communities
  • AfriGIS BizCounts
  • AfriGIS Route Optimisation Database
  • AfriGIS Telecoms Movements and Insights Database
  • AfriGIS Africa Data

View AFRIGIS Data In Use

Gfk GeoMarketing

Digitale Landkarten für Oracle Spatial (German)

Digital maps for Oracle Spatial (English)

GfK GeoMarketing offers a large array of geodata-enhanced, up-to-date digital maps for more than 240 countries, including the world's largest selection of digital postcode and administrative maps. Maps provide comprehensive, gapless coverage - in other words, maps and layers of adjacent countries fit together seamlessly, without any overlap. This is true both of the administrative and postcode areas as well as the topographic features such as streets and bodies of water. Download the latest, ready-to-use map samples for Oracle Spatial from the official GfK GeoMarketing website. The map samples also include integrated GfK purchasing power data for the corresponding country.


NAVTEQ Data in Oracle Spatial format NAVmart teams with NAVTEQ and their demographic providers to offer a free, trial dataset in Oracle Spatial format.


NAVTEQ Street Maps for Oracle United States Combine NAVTEQ's street maps with the spatial capabilities in Oracle Spatial 10g or 11g to take advantage of your geographic information.