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Oracle Spatial and Graph:  Spatial Features

Oracle Spatial and Graph: Spatial Features

The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph offer advanced capabilities that address all forms of spatial workloads and data sets in Oracle Database. The most demanding, large-scale location intelligence and geospatial applications rely on Oracle Spatial and Graph

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Spatial Features

Location enable all your business applications

Oracle Spatial and Graph includes native spatial data support, rich location query and analysis, native geocoding and routing, and map visualization, to support location-enabled business intelligence applications and services.

Advanced data models and services for all geospatial data

With a network data model, raster and gridded data analysis, 3D and point cloud operations, a location tracking server, and topology management, Oracle Spatial and Graph provides a comprehensive platform for GIS.

Ease of development for modern application frameworks

It’s easy for developers to add spatial capabilties to applications – with standards-based SQL and Java APIs, JSON and REST support, and integration with Database tools, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Applications.

Supports the most demanding, large scale geospatial applications

With dramatically fast spatial index and query performance, Exadata integration, and support for Database features such as partitioning, security, distributed transactions, and sharding, Oracle Spatial and Graph powers the most demanding, large scale geospatial applications – from cloud-based location services to transportation, utilities, agriculture, asset managmeent, LiDAR analysis, energy and natural resouces, and planning.