Spatial Features - Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.




This tutorial outlines the steps required to set up and configure a network, and conduct the analysis. Sample pieces of code that illustrate the usage of the analytic functions are provided. Spatial Network Data Model Tutorial
This sample code provides an example on how to write a loader (inAdaptor) for the GeoRaster feature to upload external image/raster files into a GeoRaster object. Sample Code in Java to Load Images into GeoRaster Objects
This package provides the GeoRasterTool, which includes the GeoRaster Viewer and the GeoRaster ETL tool. The GeoRasterTool is a pure java standalone desktop application that is used by developers and DBA's to display any GeoRaster objects and virtual mosaics in the database. The included ETL wizard tool automates and enables concurrent batch loading and exporting of various image and raster files using GDAL. This ETL tool can load and export large numbers of raster and image files in batches and concurrently. GeoRaster Viewer and ETL Tool
This program first performs a spatial search on georaster.spatialextent to get back a candidate set of georaster objects. (Paragraph) For each georaster returned, program performs a sdo_geor.getRasterSubset. (Paragraph) This is only an example application. You could modify this example to build a pick list from the georaster.spatialextent search, and only call sdo_geor.getRasterSubset when a user picks a georaster from your list. Sample Code in C/OCI to Access GeoRaster Objects

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