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Oracle Spatial Studio Downloads




A zip file containing a self-contained, easy to deploy Quick Start of Oracle Spatial Studio 21.2.1
The zip file contains a Java EE Enterprise Application aRchive (EAR) file for WebLogic Server 21.2.1




A zip file containing a self-contained, easy to deploy Quick Start of Oracle Spatial Studio 21.1.0
A Java EE Enterprise Application aRchive (EAR) file for WebLogic Server 21.1.0

Oracle Spatial Studio v21.2 New Features/Release Notes

Version 21.2 – August (current date), 2021

New Features

The active project now has its own dedicated tab that remains open even when you switch to other main tabs of the application.

Added H3 hexagonal visualization support.

Symbols (map icons) can now be colored instead of black-only.

Point or lat/lon datasets now support reverse geocoding, where address information can be added to the dataset's table.

Polygon features from dataset A can now be selected and merged into a new polygon feature, which can then be inserted into a target dataset B. For example, you can create a new sales territory by combining multiple states/provinces.

Map visualizations consistently show a progress bar when loading data layers or basemap tiles.

Added more tolerance around line or point features to make them easier to be clicked/selected.

Point and Bearing spatial analysis now supports the use of columns as bearing and distance providers.

Various UI and UX enhancements.

Enhanced empty vector tile management to reduce resource usage when a dataset has sparsely distributed geographic data.

Added three new types of basemaps based on OSM (OpenStreetMap) vector tiles from MapTiler.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where sometimes SDONN (Nearest Neighbor) analysis cannot be visualized.

Fixed an issue where unsaved projects can be published.

Fixed an issue where sometimes a cluster of Studio instances may not all startup correctly at the same time.

Fixed various issues when uploading GeoJSON, CSV and spreadsheet files, including better detection of data types and null handling.

Fixed an issue where a published project allows its map layers to be manually refreshed by a user.

Fixed an issue where a map visualization can be deleted without confirmation.

Oracle Spatial Studio v21.1 Release Notes

Version 21.1 - April (current date), 2021

New Features

Improved Time Slider visualization performance to better handle a dataset with many data points.

Added two new file formats for data upload: CSV and KML files. For KML files, currently Studio supports geoplace features found in top level folders only.

Map visualization now supports Place Search, where a user can enter a place name or address to re-center the map.

Spatial Analysis no longer creates a database view by default. In the past, when a user created a new spatial analysis dataset, a new view was also created in the database schema. This is no longer the case. Instead, Spatial Studio will record only the information and parameters used to build the spatial analysis as part of the new dataset. This declutters the user's schema, and it also paves the way for future enhancements in this area.

Improved Oracle Spatial SRID (Spatial Reference ID) matching accuracy when uploading Shapefiles.

Dataset page now keeps the current column sorting order when adding or removing datasets

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where sometimes a dataset without a geometry column can be dragged and dropped on a Map visualization.

Fixed various UI layout issues and misalignments in the Project page.

Fixed an issue where sometimes the Table visualization crashes.