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Oracle Spatial Studio Downloads




V1035979-01.zip contains a self-contained, easy to deploy Quick Start of Oracle Spatial Studio
V1035669-01.zip contains a Java EE Enterprise Application aRchive (EAR) file for WebLogic Server
V1035670-01.zip contains a Web application ARchive (WAR) file for TomCat web server




V1032893-01.zip contains a self-contained, easy to deploy Quick Start of Oracle Spatial Studio
V1032892-01.zip contains a Java EE Enterprise Application aRchive (EAR) file for WebLogic Server

Oracle Spatial Studio New Features/Release Notes

Release Notes for Spatial Studio Patch

Fixed a bug where the map layer settings panel shrinks in width when first opened

When creating a Longitidue/Latitude function-based spatial index on a dataset, null values in such columns will no longer block the index creation

Provided a Tomcat-specific WAR archive for deployment in Tomcat 9

When uploading and importing a GeoJSON file containing 2D points, the result SDO_GEOMETRY point objects will now have a null Z value instead of 0.0

Version – May 2, 2023

New Features

Added support for displaying information for multiple map layers which contain data points at the selected location or shape.

Added support for configuring and displaying system notifications.

Added support for mapping IDCS and other identity provider principals to Spatial Studio roles.

Enhanced and streamlined the UI for configuring Raster settings in a GeoRaster map layer.

Added support to search database tables in your schema when creating a dataset.

Added support for data-driven styling for GeoJSON URL based datasets.

Enhanced non-spatial attributes based filter analysis to apply the filter criteria only on the specified dataset.

Added support for changing the wallet used in your Cloud connection to an Autonomous Database instance.

Enhanced and simplified geometry validation in the Datasets page.

Added support for MIN and MAX values in summarize by region analysis.

Added support for viewing the legends for OGC WMS datasets.

Added support to embed public published projects in external web applications through iFrames.

Added support to filter entities for CZML datasets in Cesium map visualization.

Added support to display map features and labels in different languages for vector tile basemaps.

Migrated Spatial Studio metadata schema management to Liquibase instead of Flyway. It is therefore recommended that you take a backup of your existing metadata when migrating to version 23.1.0.

Added support to display the existing metadata schema details when displaying the Create Connection dialog in the event of database password expiry.

Added support for the following when creating a dataset:
 Shapefiles containing column names with special characters
 WKT or GeoJSON text values in CSV and Excel spreadsheets
 Three dimensional coordinates in GeoJSON files

Improved large GeoJSON file upload and import performance significantly.

Database Support

Oracle Database 12.2 and 18c releases are desupported.