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Oracle Spatial Studio Downloads




A zip file containing a self-contained, easy to deploy Quick Start of Oracle Spatial Studio 19.1.0
A Java EE Enterprise Application aRchive (EAR) file, to be deployed to customer's WLS server 19.1.0

Oracle Spatial Studio v19.1.0 Release Notes

1 July 2019

Things you need to know first

This is the very first release of Oracle Spatial Studio, a self-service geospatial data visualization and analysis tool built on top of the highly performant Oracle Spatial database technologies.

By default, only HTTPS requests are enabled for the Studio. As the Studio application accepts database credentials in a web form, this is highly recommended. If the user wants to enable HTTP access, check the config file.

Known Issues

  • The Quick Start ships with a randomly generated, self-signed SSL certificate for enabling HTTPS access, as such you will need to add a security exception to your browser for Studio.
  • Some Spatial analysis operators such as Buffer are not available when a target dataset resides in an Autonomous Database.
  • For some uploaded shapefiles, Spatial Studio may fail to automatically match the best or even correct SRID. In such cases you may need to examine the .prj file that came with your shapefile and consult Oracle Spatial's Spatial Reference systems to figure out the best SRID to use for your shapefile geometries, then enter it manually in the upload screen.
  • When you have more data than can be displayed on the map, Spatial Studio will automatically optimize the performance by showing only a certain percentage of your geometries on the map. Currently there is no indication on the map to alert you when data sampling has been performed by Spatial Studio. Data sampling typically occurs when you have more than 10k features in a given map tile.
  • Visualizations added to a project cannot be re-positioned or resized manually.
  • Connection pools and data sources defined in your Java EE container cannot be used to create Spatial Studio connections, including for the repository schema itself.
  • UI texts, labels and tooltips are English only.
  • Upload spreadsheet might pick wrong datatype (i.e., number instead of text) which the user cannot override. This is due to determination of datatype based on a sampling of the data. To fix this, move a row with a character value in the offending column to the top of the spreadsheet.
  • Adding a view-based dataset to an analysis will show ‘Dataset SRID unknown’ warning. This can be ignored.
  • Studio may stall in responding with as log message “All connections in the universal connection pool are in use.” Refer to doc to configure connection pools.