Fusion AI for Oracle Financials

This suite of AI-powered Apps helps finance and procurement teams improve performance, optimize working capital, and increase automation across payables, receivables, procurement, and supplier management.

Fusion AI for Financials

Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting encompasses two intelligent features that enable you to create a discounting program that is tailored to each individual supplier. These features include Supplier Categorization and Intelligent Payment Discounts.

Supplier Categorization

Leverage a consolidated view of supplier information to support dynamic discounting strategies. Experience smart recommendations based on supplier, firmographic, and spend data. Optimize the procure-to-pay process by combining data from vendors, invoices, and payables with external sources of business data to gain insights into the supplier ecosystem.

Intelligent Payment Discounts

Automatically apply prenegotiated discount rates that support dynamic discounting campaigns for enrolled suppliers or one-time special circumstances. Capture missed savings opportunities, optimize working capital, and generate significant investment returns on free cash through data-driven discounts that eliminate rigid and inflexible contract terms.

Intelligent Account Combination Defaulting

Machine learning automatically predicts and inputs distribution combination code segments for invoices not yet associated with purchase orders. This capability automates what are routine and mundane data-entry tasks, reducing invoice processing time. The machine learning component optimizes its performance on an ongoing basis, learning and improving predictions over time.

Key benefits

  • Automate smarter

    Improve usability and efficiency—while reducing human error—by automating core processes and providing guided actions for users.

  • Operate smarter

    Deliver insights and agility by optimizing business processes across procurement, payables, receivables, supplier management, and treasury management.

  • Influence smarter

    Optimize processes, free-up time and resources, and help finance teams play a bigger role in driving corporate initiatives, thus improving outcomes and influencing business strategy.



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