Oracle SPARC T7-4 Server

Secure, Fast, and Built for the Real-Time Enterprise

This breakthrough four-socket server secures and accelerates your cloud infrastructure, including Oracle Database, Java, and enterprise applications. Unique, built-in security technology helps protect data against intrusions by malware and security breaches.

  • SPARC T7-4 Server front view

    Silicon secured memory protection and full-speed encryption with near-zero performance overhead.

  • SPARC T7-4 Server top front view

    Extreme acceleration of Oracle Database and Java applications.

  • SPARC T7-4 Server top right angle view

    Breakthrough performance for better value and efficiency.

SPARC T7-2 Server benefits

Secure, Real-Time Performance

  • Full-speed encryption allows end-to-end data protection with near-zero performance impact
  • First-ever hardware-based protection helps prevent malicious memory attacks and ensures the integrity of application data
  • Complete stack integration enables real-time analytics on OLTP databases by accelerating the performance of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory
  • World-record performance running Oracle Database, Java, and enterprise applications allows you to complete more work in less time
  • Ideal for consolidating workloads and simplifying IT infrastructure for new levels of efficiency, manageability, and agility
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