Oracle Banking Accounts Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Accounts is a hyperscale accounts platform that optimizes account management and operations across the banking enterprise. Built on a highly scalable, cloud native architecture, the solution enables highly concurrent transactions to mitigate risk and enhance control. It can be integrated with existing process flows and peripheral systems, allowing banks to re-engineer their banking platform and offer innovative products faster without disrupting their operations.

Offer the next generation of account services.

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Unlock value for your clients through reduced risk and enhanced controls.

Linearly scalable

A linearly scalable solution enables easy handling of transactions as your business grows. With more than 300 TPS per CPU, Oracle Banking Accounts handles massive volumes of transactions and delivers industry-leading accounting capabilities.

Extremely high throughput

An underlying microservices architecture and the technology of Oracle Coherence enables Oracle Banking Accounts to deliver an extremely high throughput.

Data grid architecture

Using Oracle Coherence allows Oracle Banking Accounts to use data grid architecture, enabling users to access and process data in a massively scalable way. Handle more volume and reduce reaction time.

Suite of native cloud services

Oracle Banking Accounts is part of a suite of native cloud services constantly evolving with the innovations in the banking industry.

Streamlined integration capabilities

Part of the suite of native cloud services, Oracle Banking Accounts is preintegrated with Oracle Banking products and enables easy API-based integration with other products in an easily configurable ecosystem.

Universe of business sub domains

As a true domain-driven design, the product is built from the ground up for the banking domain. As a result, all the domain services align with business sub domains in the form of microservices.

Rapid integration

Oracle Banking Routing Hub enables easy integration between Oracle Banking Cloud Services and other services across the ecosystem without the need for complex, hard-coded changes.

API-driven experiences

Achieve a faster time to market. Build your own API-driven experiences by using the toolkit, repurposing existing APIs, configuring and parameterizing APIs, and publishing APIs from a routing hub at scale.

Easy coexistence with existing technology

Oracle Banking Accounts is designed to coexist with your existing technology. It easily integrates with any core banking product processor and deploys with any API gateway, identity management, or security solution.

Transparency and control

With Oracle Banking Accounts, users can get a complete 360-degree view of all accounts in real time. This includes origination tracking as well as all account operations.

Flexible and configurable process automation

Automated workflows enable users to configure new workflows without having to code. Deliver a wide range of solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Actionable insights

Persona-centric dashboards provide real-time insights based on relevant data for the specific user. This enables a decluttered view with the precise insights that are needed for your operations.

Why choose Oracle Banking Accounts?

Reap greater value with complete control using Oracle Banking Accounts.

01Cloud native microservices architecture

Proven architecture at Tier 1 banks.

02High concurrency

High single-account throughput and horizontal scaling.

03Open API

Easy connect with your banks’ other systems or external apps for a seamless experience.

04Functional depth

Offers comprehensive retail and corporate banking account operations, term deposit management, account servicing, teller operations, and nostro management.

05Continuous upgrade

Innovation and features are delivered as periodic patch sets, enabling the bank to stay on the latest version.

06Build new capabilities in-house

Built-in tooling, such as configurability and extensibility, helps you build in-house modifications to workflows, screens, and lifecycle.

Resources for Oracle Banking Accounts

Datasheet: Oracle Banking Accounts

Oracle Banking Accounts is a highly concurrent accounts platform that enables banks to handle hyperscale transaction volumes and transform account operations across retail and corporate banking.

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