Oracle Banking Liquidity Management Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Liquidity Management Cloud Service enables banks to run a single centralized, standalone liquidity management solution based on contemporary technology with the ability to support comprehensive liquidity management techniques. The solution enables additional avenues for higher-yield investments and techniques such as pooling, sweeping, and interest optimization.

Enable banks to provide real-time, accurate, and consolidated information for corporates.

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The solution enables cross-DDA and virtual account sweeps with flexible sweep frequencies and a range of interests, fees, and charges as well as multicurrency support. It also provides options to simulate sweeps for new and existing customers.

Real-time liquidity management

The cloud native solution has options for single or multicurrency structures. You can set up groups for better balance utilization with utilization priority and transaction thresholds at the account level.


Banks can draw up a multilevel pool structure with multiple interest calculation methods and various interest allocation and reallocation models.

Intercompany loans

Banks can use automatic or manual intercompany loans through single or cross-currency. These can be short term, long term, and on demand with a fixed or floating rate of interest and with customer-level sublimits or overall limits.

Multi-bank cash concentrations

The solution enables the automated movement of funds across third-party bank accounts and multibank cash concentration (MBCC) through SWIFT. Banks can edit the MBCC structure with the flexibility to move funds at different frequencies.

Global Liquidity Management Structures

Banks and corporates can use both local and cross-border single and multicurrency structures; the solution supports hybrid structures with no limitations on the number of accounts or number of countries.

High availability

The solution is deployed on multiple availability domains with automatic switchover, same region disaster recovery, and continuous regeneration of services. It enables faster recovery and ensures minimal failures of service.

Exceptional security

Banks and corporates get secure access with role-based logins through a valid SAT with designated staff able to audit every transaction. The solution supports secure, persistent, long-term storage and “wrapped secrets” for secret transfers.

Future proof solutions

The solution is always up to date with short release cycles and automatic upgrades to leverage the latest tech stacks. Oracle’s cloud native environment ensures compliance with the latest standards through automated provisioning and out-of-the-box interfaces.

High scalability

Oracle’s cloud native environment offers automatic provisioning of additional infrastructure to support an immediate rise in demand. With a complete Oracle stack, there are no capacity constraints. Banks can use pay-per-use facilities, helping them optimize OpEx and minimize CapEx.

Why choose Oracle Banking Liquidity Management Cloud Service?

01Unified view

Gain a unified, real-time view of global liquidity structures and the underlying multicurrency accounts and balances

02Higher returns

Enhance returns through investment in high-yield instruments, such as money markets and term deposits, and free up trapped liquidity

03Offer flexibility to customers

Empower banks with data masking and portability functionalities to help customers navigate and control the choices they have regarding data sharing and privacy

04Customized offering

Differentiated and flexible capabilities enable the bank to offer customized liquidity techniques and be a valued partner to corporate customers

05Low cost

Comprehensive and flexible liquidity techniques enable access to funds, eliminating the use of credit facilities and thereby reducing cost

06Flexibility and control

Review and modify liquidity structures with the agility required to meet ever-changing organizational and regulatory demands

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