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Use Oracle’s SaaS-based, packaged API solution to jump-start API banking with more than 1,800 ready-to-deploy business and foundational banking APIs. The cloud native solution enables banks to comply with open banking regulations and accelerate innovation in a new digital ecosystem.

Collaborate, innovate, and scale.

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Revamp your bank’s digital strategy by collaborating with the emerging digital ecosystem. Integrate the right mix of advanced, cloud-first applications with legacy technology infrastructure to engage customers with unparalleled customized experiences throughout their digital journeys.

Foundational APIs

Always get the basics right with APIs for access, entitlements, approvals, consent, limits, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and user management.

Retail banking APIs

Fast-track origination, account aggregation, personal finance management, point-of-need services, Islamic banking, payments, and wealth management.

Corporate banking APIs

Offer corporates an edge with APIs for cash, liquidity, and virtual account management. Streamline payments, corporate lending, trade, and supply chain finance.

Open banking regulatory compliance

With all mandatory retail banking APIs and a Strong Customer Authentication framework, Oracle Banking APIs is compliant with Berlin Group standards version 1.3.6 and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) UK Open Banking Standard version 3.1.2.

Account aggregation

Optimum use of open banking regulations enables banks to provide customers with a consolidated view of their entire finance portfolio, both within and outside the bank.

Consent and third-party provider (TPP) management

Oracle’s solution offers fine-grain consent management, authorization management, and entitlements management. Manage TPPs with third-party onboarding, privilege assignment, extensibility for eIDAS, and built-in Dynamic Client Registration for UK open banking.

Authentication and security

Gain foolproof authentication with the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework, two-legged and three-legged OAuth 2.0 capabilities, and OpenID for UK open banking—as well as built-in identity management, customer access management, and idempotency checks.

Build your own API-driven experiences

Build new APIs with an API toolkit, repurpose existing APIs, configure and parameterize APIs, and publish APIs from a routing hub at scale to achieve faster time to market, increase reach, and build the bank’s digital ecosystem.

Instantly assimilate and operate within existing

Designed to coexist with current technology, Oracle Banking APIs is a single solution that connects the entire open banking technology landscape, easily integrates with any core banking product processor, and deploys with any API gateway, identity management, or security solution.

Easy discovery and rich API documentation

Oracle’s solution provides rich and extensive API documentation on Swagger that is ready for outbound discovery, complete with lift-and-shift API libraries.

Unlock the revenue potential of APIs

Employ innovative API monetization models with Oracle’s framework to integrate with any pricing and billing engine. Offer contextual, relationship-driven pricing, gain high-fidelity insight into fees and charges, reward loyalty, and provide intelligent pricing.

Accelerate innovation in banking

Enable banks to handpick mature solutions to enrich their product portfolio. A sandbox environment with core banking, payments, and associated applications helps banks and fintechs test prototypes before going live.

Adopt modern collaboration models

Oracle Banking APIs has the flexibility to allow banks to choose the type of collaboration they wish to pursue. Banks can act as aggregators, distributors, and platform players as well as provide expertise as a service and banking as a service (BaaS).

Oracle Fintech Ecosystem

Access an ever-growing list of innovators from across the globe in the fields of artificial intelligence, biometrics, corporate and retail banking, marketplaces, and regtech.

Banking as a service with Oracle

Banks with strong business and knowledge process operations can extract additional revenue inflow through BaaS with Oracle Banking APIs. Participate in the embedded bank market by offering customers services on any channel.

Learn how a mature packaged API cloud service can help banks accelerate their transformation into an open API platform

Banks and fintechs have realized that collaboration is the best way forward. Customer-based data ownership is the new normal. Oracle Banking APIs allows banks and fintechs to partner with each other to provide customers with the best of both worlds while managing their consent and data security.

01Orchestrate your open API strategy with a single, scalable cloud service

Oracle Banking APIs is an end-to-end, cloud-first API banking solution that offers APIs, a foundational framework, a sandbox, an API library, and management and monetization.

02Reduce the API creation and customization process from months to days

More than 1,800 ready to deploy RESTful APIs and an API toolkit allow banks to get started with API banking instantly.

03Partner with innovative financial service providers and offer customers the latest in banking technology

Oracle’s fintech cohort provides banks with instant access to more than 50 fintechs with innovative offerings in AI, corporate, regtech, retail, wealth, and more.

04Reduce the total cost of ownership through integration with your bank’s existing technology

The cloud service equips banks to rationalize and de-duplicate services connecting their technology landscape to help them gain cost and operational efficiencies.

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Accelerating bank-to-bank collaboration with APIs

In many cases, banks are now digitally mature enough to partner with each other to fill technological or process gaps in ways that benefit customers.

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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Banking APIs. You'll find all these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.

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