Oracle Banking Treasury Management

Oracle Banking Treasury Management helps banks centralize and optimize investment management and capital markets post-trade operations. The treasury management system offers improved visibility, better controls, and streamlined and automated processes.

Optimize treasury operations with streamlined and automated processes.

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Streamlined treasury operations

Streamline deal review, validation, and confirmation, and ensure well-formed orders through the entire transaction lifecycle.

Comprehensive instrument support

Support instruments including foreign exchange, money markets, securities, swaps and forward rate agreements, exchange-traded derivatives, over-the-counter options and swaps, credit default swaps and swap index, and Islamic money market and derivatives.

Rule-based exception handling

Leverage purpose-built queues for auto-enrichment, repair, amendments, credit checks, confirmation, and special exceptions to optimize rule-based exception handling of settlement instructions.

Configurability and visibility

Utilize configurable workflows and comprehensive dashboards to optimize presettlement operations, tracking, and visibility.

Automated processing

Leverage automated back-office deal processing for an extensive range of instruments.

Optimized settlement and messaging

Optimize settlement with a common set up of money settlement accounts and streamlined message routing and management.

Rates and fees

Support risk-free rates, negative interest rates, and rates fixing. Easily manage charges, fees, and brokerage.

Management and control

Utilize comprehensive and flexible workflows, rules, and controls to improve deal and position tracking and visibility. Oracle’s solution includes operational dashboards, drill-down views, and reporting that streamlines management and control.


Support multi-entity, multicurrency, and multilingual operations as well as multitenant deployments.


The standalone, componentized solution can be easily integrated or co-deployed.

Platform neutral

Deploy in the cloud or on-premises.

Why choose Oracle’s treasury management solution?

01Eliminate discrepancies

Eliminate discrepancies between the dealing room and the back office with comprehensive exception management, dashboards, views, and controls.

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02Optimize operations

Streamline deal review and exception management and automate deal processing to free up treasury resources and lower costs.

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