Forward-looking or finance-led? Yes.

CFOs are on the front lines of insurance innovation, modernizing their finance functions so their teams can spend less time on manual processes and more time delivering business insights to the C-suite. Oracle's unified solution for insurance CFOs streamlines accounting processes and reporting, reduces the complexity caused by siloed data and disparate applications, accelerates the financial close, supports risk management, ensures compliance, and transforms financial analysis.

With your expertise and our technology, an insurance breakthrough is just waiting to happen.

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Get expert advice on how to enhance reporting and processing and deliver accurate analytical insights.

finance modernization transformation thumbnail A platform for the future of finance modernization in insurance

Discover how to embrace digital innovation and streamline finance operations to drive business growth in the insurance industry with Oracle Finance Modernization.

Transform your insurance business with innovative financial solutions

  • Advanced planning and forecasting for insurers

    Gain intelligent profitability with purpose-driven insight. Optimize customer profitability and overcome data disparity for a complete view of scenario modeling.

  • Centralized accounting and finance in the insurance domain

    Integrate risk into the accounting process. Derive better information from reporting, improve pricing decisions, and employ risk-adjusting performance—all within the same ecosystem.

  • Future-proof regulatory reporting

    Easily comply with evolving regulations. Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of filings. Simplify continuous compliance with better governance and controls.

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Transform your finance operations and position your insurance business for growth.