Opower Electrification

Opower leverages AI, disaggregation, and behavioral science to help utilities drive customer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and appliances, as well as to promote off-peak charging and appliance use.

Learn how Opower helps utilities boost the metrics that matter.

Opower electrification products

Decarbonization without electrification isn’t possible. Shifting to EVs and electric appliances can be costly and complex. Opower electrification products deliver seamless, intuitive customer experiences to help make electrification easy for customers.

Identify EV owners

Detect which customers have an electric vehicle with up to 97% accuracy, and measure how much home energy use is attributable to EV charging.

Detect appliances in the home

Understand what appliances customers have in their home and break them out as a portion of home energy use. Enrich the customer experience by helping utilities target the right customers for marketing campaigns.

Get more EVs on the road

Leverage Opower behavioral science, AI, and outbound communications to educate and persuade customers to consider and purchase an electric vehicle.

Make decarbonization easy

Send reports, emails, and videos to educate customers about heat pumps and other electric appliances and their related energy and cost savings. Provide a simple, actionable path to purchase.

The EV home energy report

Engage EV owners with insights specific to them, including how much EV charging costs them and ways to save. Market related products and services such as level-2 chargers and time-of-use (TOU) rates.

Shift charging from the peak

Leveraging behavioral science, AI, customer data, and outbound communications, Opower engages and educates EV owners to make sure they charge at optimal times to reduce peak load.

Opower electrification benefits

01Increase awareness and adoption of products and services

Accelerate decarbonization goals even as electrification grows the utility load, all while saving customers energy and money.

02Deliver an optimal experience

EV owners have unique needs. Get them on the right rate and equipment to build trust and help them avoid higher bills.

03Make EVs a grid resource

Model the impact of EVs on the grid to unlock actions for shifting load and mitigating grid challenges as they arise.

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