Oracle Government Cloud for Contractors

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers government contractors and government service providers secure cloud solutions that can meet compliance regulations, including FedRAMP High JAB and DISA IL2,4, and 5. Oracle US Government Cloud offers services that enable contractors to modernize, securely create, store, and manage government data for those serving the state, local, and federal markets. Oracle US Defense Cloud offers capabilities to support all DOD mission workloads, including Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC).

Drive Defense Industrial Base Sector (DIBs) innovation at scale.

Serve government with a secure, compliant cloud

Saving infrastructure cost and time to authorization

SaaS providers serving the government need to meet stringent compliance requirements. With Oracle Cloud, SaaS providers get a head start in achieving compliance without significant investments and time-consuming audits for data centers. Providers save time by leveraging Oracle's security controls designed for the government and get only the SaaS portion of offering authorized.

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Running the most demanding enterprise applications with integrated cloud

Government enterprises rely on Oracle's databases, back-office applications, ERP, and HR. Oracle Cloud for Government regions are designed to support the most demanding Oracle apps. Government contractors can leverage comprehensive, fully integrated cloud apps and infrastructure, ensuring high performance and compliance with a multitude of government security controls.

Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Gaining scale and agility while maintaining business continuity

Government emphasis on the cloud is creating an urgent need for contractors to make their move. A cost-effective and agile way is to migrate VMware environments to Oracle Cloud for Government. Contractors maintain continuity of operations, staffing, and tools from an on-premises VMware Software-Defined Data Center with a FedRAMP High JAB-authorized VMware solution.

Cost-effective and robust disaster recovery to protect data and applications

Federal government contractors must be resilient when faced with natural disasters, safety concerns, or national security threats. It is vital to quickly restore critical workloads and production applications. Protect agency data and apps on-premises and in the cloud with Oracle Cloud for Government’s flexible and cost-effective disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Explore data backup and disaster recovery with Oracle Cloud

Take advantage of click-to-deploy applications and end-to-end solutions.

Modernize enterprise computing and protect government data

Modernize enterprise computing with automated data management

To be a relevant choice, federal government contractors must modernize enterprise by transitioning to a cloud-based model. Migrating the entire estate to cloud might be unrealistic, yet cost savings and agility improvements are critical. Select a database as a service to create efficiencies with end-to-end database management.

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Protect valuable assets with security and compliance in the cloud

A sensitive data breach can be catastrophic, causing a loss of credibility or revenue that could impact national security. Contractors must meet government compliance and security standards. With a security-first architecture, Oracle Cloud for Government delivers high customer isolation and automated protection for data security, residency, and sovereignty. Oracle's security controls complement various government security standards, including CMMC, DFARS 7012, NIST 800-171, CUI, and ITAR data management.

Explore security and compliance on Oracle Cloud

A complete cloud infrastructure platform for every government workload

All OCI services will be available in Oracle government cloud regions after appropriate certification, except for certain services that are specialized or incompatible with certification criteria.

Accomplishing mission objectives in the cloud

Hear from federal and industry experts as they map out specific strategies and steps you can take now to protect and recover your information across any platform

OCI government cloud fault domains improve availability

Jerry Niemeyer, Director, Product Management, OCI – Public Sector

Learn how Fault Domains provide a high performance and low latency foundation with virtually no administrative or cost burden yet deliver on the requirements for deploying a highly available solution.

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