Federal Government

Meet every mission with cost-effective FedRAMP-compliant cloud infrastructure and a comprehensive suite of integrated SaaS applications designed for federal civilian and defense agencies and departments.

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Modernizing government with Oracle Cloud

Consistent performance and pricing for government workloads

Manage government workloads with cloud-based tools and expertise that deliver consistent high performance with predictable pricing.

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Bring world-class security and compliance to every task

Modernize legacy mission systems securely, efficiently, and effectively with Oracle FedRAMP solutions.

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Accelerate digital transformation with a modern back office

Reach your digital government goals with the most complete set of SaaS applications from finance, human resources, enterprise performance management, supply chain, projects, procurement, maintenance, and service.

Deliver decisive insights with federal financials

Innovate your financial system with an integrated financial management solution designed for federal agencies and departments.

Improve performance with federal budgeting solutions and connected planning

Model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and programs, streamline the budgeting process, and drive better decisions.

Enhance HR experience for a skilled government workforce

Recruit and retain top talent who have a passion to serve government with a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) solution designed for mobile, digital, and office environments.

Strengthen the resiliency of supply chains to facilitate economic growth

Continuously improve forecast accuracy, collaboration, and end-to-end visibility with flexible and resilient supply chain planning, manufacturing, and execution. Drive process efficiency while managing costs.

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Deliver advanced technology experiences to citizens

Use artificial intelligence to gain near real-time insights, personalize engagement, and deliver effective services to citizens in their moment of need.

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Oracle’s modern data platform

  • Integration

    Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a complete, secure, and lightweight integration solution that enables agencies to connect applications no matter where they live—in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Modernize while achieving agency business objectives using improved analytic capabilities with the self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

  • Analytics

    Gain improved insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning with an analytics platform designed for all data, workloads, and personas.

  • Data Science

    Build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models on the fully managed OCI Data Science platform.

SCCA compliance and Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Health

Federal agencies can help deliver improved health insights and experiences for patients, providers, payers, and the public.

Public health

Oracle offers secure and reliable healthcare solutions that connect clinical, operational, and financial data, improving care and advancing decision-making capabilities.

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Modernize healthcare systems

Deploy key systems of record in the cloud to improve performance and cut costs. Build innovative applications that improve patient outcomes.

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Health information exchange

Integrate patient information across multiple systems spanning state, local, and federal agencies to securely improve care coordination and outcomes.

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Eligibility and effective outcomes

Create trusted master patient identifier systems that operate across disparate organizations while using advanced matching algorithms to improve efficiency, safety, and patient care.

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Ensure all patients receive an integrated, streamlined healthcare experience. Reduce costs with digital self-service and automated policy management.

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Simplify the healthcare journey with a complete core administration health insurance platform. Improve transparency, claims processing, and the entire billing process.

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Grants management

Improve visibility into all aspects of the research grant process. Track and report on funding sources, comply with billing and reporting requirements, track indirect costs, and automate sponsorship invoices.

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Next-gen predictive analytics

Use the latest technologies and data science tools to improve analysis in a secure, compliant environment. Build evidence-based models to help predict, prevent, and address unanticipated health crises.

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Oracle for Research

Accelerate and advance your research capabilities. Researchers can store, host, and analyze data with easy-to-use solutions.

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U.S. Federal and DoD customers now can benefit from the power of Oracle Cloud infrastructure
U.S. Department of Treasury migrates HR system to promote FedRAMP High compliance
Federal lab reduces IT infrastructure costs with Oracle Linux and virtualization

How can IT leaders drive more innovation?

Contributed by Don Schmidt, Global Managing Director, Oracle Cloud Engineering, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The pandemic has made almost everyone feel a little uneasy—and senior IT leaders are no exception. As they search for ways to make their organizations more flexible as well as more stable, many are finding that data lies at the heart of their efforts to innovate and to create a steady path forward.

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Resources and more

Oracle Cloud Marketplace now available in all government regions

Oracle Cloud Marketplace provides a single platform where government customers can discover, evaluate, and launch a rich ecosystem of click-to-deploy images and end-to-end solution stacks provided by Oracle and third party independent software vendor (ISV) partners.

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Oracle Cloud services available on federal contracts

Federal agencies can purchase Oracle Cloud services quickly and easily through existing contracts that provide access to Oracle’s Generation 2 Enterprise Cloud and its comprehensive cloud computing services portfolio.

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Achieving cloud application ATOs with Oracle

All government applications must be granted an Authority To Operate (ATO) before being placed into production status. Use these steps to achieve a FedRAMP ATO with Oracle.

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