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As state and local governments move to the cloud for improved security and modernized infrastructure, Oracle NetSuite for Government provides a comprehensive solution built on NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud ERP.

Oracle NetSuite for Government: Creating a positive impact with Community Services Consortium

Discover how Oracle NetSuite, in partnership with Community Services Consortium, is driving positive change and enhancing community impact.

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Oracle NetSuite for Government: Empowering Oregon Cascades West Council for Governments

Oracle NetSuite for Government is revolutionizing the daily tasks, management, and community impact of local government agencies like the Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG).

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NetSuite for Government Helps State and Local Agencies Move to the Cloud for Better Efficiency

Integrated ERP suite enables government organizations to strengthen financial and workforce management for improved governance and cost savings.

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“We were promised the white glove treatment, that our opinions would be listened to, that we would have consistent meetings and communication with the same people to help us work through and solve problems. And that really has happened.”

Marit Nelson Oregon Cascades West Council, Director of Finance

“NetSuite for Government has streamlined our operations by eliminating a lot of the manual processes that were a part of things. We had a lot of steps that were done on paper and that were very redundant. And by having everything within Oracle NetSuite, we've been able to remove them.”

Katie Henry Oregon Cascade Community Services Consortium, Finance Director

“One of the things that we like about NetSuite for Government is having all our modules integrated together rather than having these different systems that we were having to transfer data back and forth between them. That's going to be a big benefit as we move forward.”

Jason Sele Oregon Cascade West Council, Technology Services Director

The secure and transformational choice for local governments and the citizens they serve

Equipped with flexible workflow tools, NetSuite for Government is an all-in-one solution that will help you establish efficient processes and gain transparency into your business operations while seamlessly integrating with other systems.

Core fund accounting

Efficiently manage fund restrictions and grant requirements with comprehensive fund accounting. Elevate visibility into the grant lifecycle and improve efficiency. Manage finance and accounting with comprehensive features, including a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, statistical accounting, allocation schedules, and real-time financial reporting. Consolidate all processes in one system that complies with Governmental Accounting Standards Board principles and is designed specifically for government use. Automate financial processes and improve productivity with approval routing workflows for journal entries, purchase orders, and vendor bills.

Requisitions and procurement

Track the procure-to-pay process, including encumbrances, requisitions, and budget reporting, in real time. NetSuite for Government’s purchasing management capabilities deliver cross-functional benefits by simplifying the process of placing, managing, and expediting purchase orders (POs). By tracking POs, local governments know what's on order and in what quantities and when items will be received, which is key for optimizing inventory levels. Organizations can create customized approval workflows tailored to their specific needs. For example, workflows can be created based on roles, departments, or other criteria and can be configured to include multiple levels of approval.

Planning and budgeting

Automate labor-intensive planning and budgeting processes to streamline budget creation and consolidation with NetSuite for Government’s planning and budgeting capabilities. Finance teams can produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios, and generate reports—all using one collaborative, scalable solution. They can also adjust budgets quickly and easily in response to changing economic conditions or legislative mandates. With less time spent on manual consolidation, troubleshooting, reporting, and data loading, finance staff can reallocate time to strategic activities that have a greater impact on the organization’s financial position.

Human resource management

NetSuite for Government’s human resource management solution simplifies complex payroll processing, automates manual data entry, and provides a suite of capabilities that make HR service delivery easier and more efficient for everyone across the organization. With a single tool to manage human resources, payroll, and financials, organizations can eliminate third-party integrations, improve data accuracy, create a more engaging workforce experience, and make better-informed decisions to tightly align workforce performance with business performance.


NetSuite for Government delivers a full-service payroll solution that automates payroll processes, including calculating gross-to-net earnings, withholding mandatory taxes, deducting benefits, and scheduling and issuing payments. Payroll batch previews help HR spot variances before payroll is run to reduce errors. Real-time general ledger (GL) postings keep GL accounts up to date and in balance. Finance leaders can drill down into financial reports from payroll summary costs to individual paychecks to gain insights and make more-informed decisions.

KPIs and dashboards

Get role-based metrics, reminders, and analytics at your fingertips. NetSuite for Government’s reporting and dashboard solution provides built-in, real-time reporting, searches, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboards. With embedded analytics, local governments can perform actionable analysis and gain meaningful operational and financial insights into performance across multiple departments and teams. Be confident that decisions are backed by accurate and timely information. Better yet, when used properly, analytics enable organizations to recognize patterns that can predict—and guide decision-makers toward— the best possible outcomes.

Providing deeper financial insights for government ERP

Strengthen financial management and ensure compliance

NetSuite for Government delivers full governmental financial functionality, including statements that meet GASB reporting requirements for governmental accounting compliance.

Improve productivity and lower TCO

NetSuite’s ERP system brings transformational cloud computing to local governments. As aging on-premises ERPs burden city management with high costs and limited scalability, those who take advantage of the cloud are realizing the benefits of high-availability architecture and experiencing improved cost of ownership and productivity.

Experience enterprise-class security

Alleviate concerns about data privacy, data management, security, and availability. With NetSuite for Government, security controls and operational and application security practices and policies reduce risk and ensure your critical financial system is secure and accessible from anywhere, with proven, guaranteed availability.

Achieve faster time to value with industry-leading implementations

Streamlined processes with leading practices and accelerated implementations with preconfigured setup and data migrations pave a clear path to success and deliver rapid value.

Transform community interactions with local government

Deliver smarter services and improve the constituent experience with a real-time, comprehensive view of accounts and balances.

A proven solution now available for the public sector

NetSuite for Government is a smart and safe choice for small-to-midsize governments looking to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and set the foundation for good governance. Manage IT costs, optimize accounting efficiencies, streamline procurement processes, and eliminate manually intensive, spreadsheet-based reporting. NetSuite for Government provides everything you need to establish efficient processes with flexible workflow tools, gain transparency into business operations, and easily integrate with other systems.

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